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I stated earlier that this light was grossly over driven on turbo. It’s also one of the lowest setting lights I have. I’ve got three dogs that sleep in different spots on the bedroom floor. This light ceiling bouncing on it’s lowest setting gives just enough light to tell where they are. It’s low is so low that I can directly look at the 6 LED’s at night. I can see each of the 4 sub LED’s in each LED.

What lumen output will my Samsung 40ts give?

What are the best batteries to get for maximum output?


28K or so at start, 22-23K after 30 secs - about right. Tested T42's, P42A's, 30T's. 40T's and T42's should be about the same.

I'd stay with 40T's or T42's. Not much gain at all from 30T's. 30T though is still considered the best battery on the market for sheer output, though shorter runs.

Again, very short term high output - gets smokin hot.

I have read at startup 28k Vapcell T42, 27k Samsung 40T, 26k Molicel P42A.

It looks like my order on Nov. 27, five days ago, was too late to get a sample from the first production run; mine has to wait until Dec 21 to ship.

Any possibility that the second production run will be triple live gonzo, like the first run?

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FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX® EC06 6*XHP50.2 16000lm 566m 3*21700 USB-C Flashlight Group Buy >>> $73.99 FREEME :v: ASTROLUX® EC06 6XHP50.2 16000lm 566m 321700 USB-C Flashlight Group Buy >>> $69.99 freeme


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Thanks for the quick and helpful responses Tom and Fedtro!

Looks like I will buy one more Samsung 40t and I have messaged Simon via AE to purchase a 3x18a adapter!


I’d like to know to. Mine won’t ship till the 21st of December as well. The only reason I ordered was because of the insane output, fingers crossed.

Triple live gonzo?

It's interesting - the XHP50.2 3V has been out for quite some time, and I got a few lights using them, but never really tweaked them up, mostly leaving them stock, or they were triples, or some other odd setup. So I decided to mod up a couple and see what a single XHP50.2 3V, single cell light could do. I modded up the WT1M w/spring bypasses and better LED wire.

So on a T42 it does 18.6 amps, 5210 lumens at start, 4550 lumens at 30 secs. So the EC06 results sound more reasonable now. Take 5210 x 6, result is 31260, so to get 28K on the EC06 is realistic, 1 cell and 1 FET per 2 LED's. The WT1M's FET is probably not the best either, pretty decent though.

What cells work without an adapter?

Where could I get the battery adapter?

Could I use neodymium magnets or just soder a piece of brass on top to make it a button top?

Does someone have a link to a flashlight handle that fits?

Also, could I get a code, please?

You cannot use a magnet or even a piece of brass because if they come into contact with each other, everything will burn! You have to use the Convoy 3x21A flashlight adapter, write a private message to Simon Mao and ask him if he can send it to you, he was very kind to me and sent me 10 by paying through his shop in AliExpress. Or you have to create button top batteries starting from the flat tops and you have to use a 21mm PCB board that you always find on Simon Mao's AliExpress store, fix them with a soldering point and protect them with a shrink film like I did. The choice is yours...

Others are using the P42A cells. I just ordered a set for my EC06. The tops stick out just enough to make contact. CM2010 uses them and said they work fine.

Why would a soldered piece of brass similar in size to a button top be bad? It’s the same thing as the PCB adapter you mentioned.

Did you remove the original wrap or you just put it on top of the original one? Does it affect the performance?

I found Simons profile and I’ll contact him. Thanks.

But those are not the best performers, right?
I’ve seen people mentioning Vapcell,30T and 40T as the best performers.

I was sceptical to the “soldering” solution and tested it (with 18650 cells but this shouldn’t matter).

- I used an 60 watts iron

- I melted the solder (to have a drop on top of the iron)

- I placed the iron with the drop on top of the cell and it floated there within seconds

  • after cooling down I used a sandpaper so get rid of the “sharp tip” of solder

For me it worked out perfectly.
They may not win a design award but they do a good job in a Sofirn SP36 now.


A vapcell 40t is 4000mah and 30a

A molicel p42 is 4200mah and 45a.

All flat top batteries I’ve used worked fine without an adapter. 40T and P42A, I know you can’t use the Yellow Vapcell because the positive sits below the body of the battery.

Please send me the code, thank you.

Just got onto this light, bummer I already missed the first production run. Gotta start paying more attention around here!

Also… No tripod mount :neutral_face:

Best performers? Are you looking for the longest run times or max output? In a torch like the EC06 able to put out so much light it would be hard to tell the difference between 26k or 28k with just the naked eye. Between the 40T 30T P42A and the Vapcell T42 the difference is so slight that your best bet would be to get the cells you like. I own all these cells and find myself always using the 40T’s. They are less expensive then the vapecells. The reason I chose the P42A’s because they work, so I don’t have to purchase the battery plate from Simon and wait another month or so.

Is the group buy still going on? If so, I’d appreciate a code!

Same here, interested

I held out long enough. Need to use those black Friday 40t cells for something !