I vote for : Green, and Desert Tan


Black Bezel for contrast

Green seems nice

Interested in Purple or Blue

Green with ss bezel and xhp 50.2

Stainless bezel

Only bezel? https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/56495

Grey blue and purple would look nice with a stainless steel bezel.

Green, 50.2, ss bezel, 5k please…

Green with 50.2 and SS bezel.

When will those be released?

Depends on demand. At least for another month or two?

Interested in grey and tan.
SST40 with 5000k and XHP50.2 with 5700k.
SS bezel would be nice but no must to have.

Blue or green
SS bezel

Blue or green with same-coloured battery cap.

A stainless bezel would be a nice touch.

XHP 50.2 for the emitter (I already have an SST40 model :slight_smile: )

Grey and purple!

Interested in green + stainless bezel

I’m fine with either led. I’m not really sure what the pros and cons are of each besides the XHP50.2 being brighter and hotter.

Also, it might be helpful to start a vote in this thread using the vote feature.

I’ll need 10 to start with …O.D. Green, Black Bezel and Black Tail Cap :heart_eyes:

SST40 5000k maybe a couple of 3v 50.2’s also… Hunting buddies will Love these… :+1:

Green with XHP50.2

Green with SST 40 and steel rim…

Green, XHP50.2, same color bezel