✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX MF01S 15000lm Flashlight Group Buy - ENDED

Do you mean per LED or total output?

Total output of the MF01S. It can’t drive just one LED at a time.

Ok that’s alright then. My most used modes on the MF01 are 2 and 4 which are both over 600 Lumen. Btw when u say green do you mean greener than the nichia MF01?

Looks quite bright. Any info on the lumens. I’ll buy it if the 95 cri can do 12k.

Interested in Hi CRI.


Don’t like the Christmas tree color aux lights. Can we choose aux light colors?

sign me up

u dont like red? its nice too look at.

I think they were referring to the mixed three color aux leds in the video.

I’m in for one. Thank you!

Too late to jump on this train? I’d definitely be down for (1) of these!

[June 11, 2019]

What do you think about the MF01S design after viewing the video?

We would like to hear your views.

There are four colors LEDs embedded on the board.

3.9v or more color: green + pink + blue
3.3v-3.9v color: pink + blue
2.9v-3.3v color: red
2.9v or less: OFF

Personally, I don’t like the green. Makes it too Christmas toy like. I would prefer another color such as orange or warm white over green.

Yh too many colours. It should be one colour at a time.
Edit: actually it doesn’t look to bad but the guy above is right. Green should be replace with something else. Maybe warm white?

Agreed one color at a time. How about

3.9v or more color: green
3.3v-3.9v color: yellow or amber
2.9v-3.3v color: red
2.9v or less: OFF

Aux color status showing depended on the Volts is a good idear, but bling bling overload especially Pink is a “No Go”…
Would be nice to choose the color of Aux…

I like the green and blue. Being able to choose colors would be the best choice.