✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX MF05 SBT90.2 7000lm 3000m+ Thrower Searchlight - $390 (restocked) + Free Charger

I have a windmill 1 mile away. Visible during day but can’t quite see it at night with mf04. Maybe time to try with binoculars

The MF04 should be able to light up something a mile away. I shined mine on a water tower at that distance and I could see it getting lit up.
If you have a tripod, aim the light at the windmill, and then step to the side so the beam doesn’t block your view. Then use binoculars or a camera with a long exposure to view it like I did for my water tower photos from two miles away.

I will have to take out the binos and try again,I didn’t use a tripod either. the windmill is white colored but may be less visible depending on how its facing . Also wasn’t sure how much humidity would affect my ability to see it.
I’ve tried it at 50%, just thought it would be easier.

I ordered the light two days ago,and it is on its way to me now,so I ask what batteries should I use?
I think the old good 30Qs for the 18650s,but I don’t know which of the 21700 one to buy.
I ask,because the price range is huge,ie in NKON.nl. store,I see the price is between €3.45-€19.95.
Any suggestions please?

Of what I see in 21700, the best value in a high capacity cell is:

The fan battery does not need to be high drain.


If you ever need high drain 21700 cells, these are some good ones.

Super high drain would be 30T

Thank you very much,but I see they are flat top.Can I use them as a fan battery?

From what I remember, the fan uses a spring on both ends of the battery tube so a flat top should be fine.

Thx again.I ordered all from NKON.nl.

This will be < $100 for the holidays.

I like the reflector :sunglasses:
But its too expensive for my budget light wallet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought this because I could find a 24h flash sale of 55% off.So I payed only € 273.00 all included. :slight_smile:

17 left.

Of course you would notice the difference. That’s a nice increase, maybe if it wasent as much of an increase. When you start looking at things further away is when that increase is really noticed…

Hey guys quick question. I just got my astrolux mf05 the other day and the little tiny lens inside the flashlight that goes over the led came off. Also the black plastic part that goes down in the flashlight around the led also came off right away: I tested it out like this tho and the flashlight seems to work better actually. The dot and the beam it throws is tighter and closer to a perfect looking circle. I’m actually very happy with how it affected it but kind of bummed out that it happened literally right away. What is that little lens for, it’s for ir light right or… also will the flashlight be fine to run without both of those things? Also how do I use the url thing to post pictures? One more thing, has anyone else noticed these things and does anyone else have problems with there beam and dot not being a perfect circle. I’m ocd and it’s absolutely vexing lol. Tho with the little lens and the black plastic protector around the LED off the beam and dot is nearly a perfect circle :o: and just seems quite a bit nicer. I was like what the heck why is this Happening then tested it out and was like damn holy shit ok I’ll take it lol. Last question… So I know you can run the flashlight with just four batteries but if you use all eight is there any benefit to that or like will it last longer and turbo motor any of the molds?

So, the window is protective. Removing it manually increases performance somewhat, however the lens protects the LED. Also the removal process could damage the LED if you’re not careful (and the darned things are expensive).
I’m not sure what the black plastic thing you’re referring to is.
As far as posting images, feel free to reference this post

Right I thought it increased performance decently and made the beam better. I didn’t take it off as I was unscrewing the top of the flashlight where the lens is it literally flopped off. And that part I’m taking about it right where the led is there is a black protective part around the led. Which slightly raises the reflective part of the flashlight. That black plastic part litterally wasn’t even attached and just fell off. But in doing so that is what actually made the beam look better. It made the reflector move slightly closer to the flashlight case itself cause the plastic part is a cm or so in thickness maybe more. That’s what made the beam a lot better looking. Again I didn’t take it off it just fell off. I contacted the company I got it from hopefully they can help: honestly I like it more like this but at the same time I don’t want it to ruin the flashlight. I’ll post a picture when I figure it out

You need to host the picture on a separate website, like imgur.com, and then you put a link here.

Some people like to remove that glass lens for a better beam and more output. So it’s no big deal that yours fell off. (It’s strange that it did as I’ve never heard of it falling off on its own) Just remove it so it doesn’t bang around scratching the reflector or damaging the led.

:Wth???! - Album on Imgur
I’m posting the image on Imgur and copying and pasting that link to it and it shows up when I’m trying to put it I the post but when I post it it doesn’t show up.

That is not the correct image link. A gallery link will not work. You want to open each picture and get it’s link.

I find the phone app for imgur is a lot easier to use.

I’ll post your pics here.


The big black piece is a centering ring. If the reflector pushes down real hard on the mcpcb it could cause a short and damage the light. I would keep it installed.