FREEME ✌ LUMINTOP FW1AA CSLNM1.TG/ SST20/ Nichia Flashlight Group Buy - ALIVE NOW

Thank you for your support! [quote=Deluminator] Ordered, hope I get a good 1! [/quote]


any word on estimated ship date from Neal?

Thank you Freeme!

i got a shipping notification yesterday morning!

Thanks for informing me.

Damnit Artie… nothing here yet.

Same. No notification here yet either.

I received a shipping notification from Neal on the 21st as well.

still waiting

I have a friend here whose shipped yesterday i believe. very random shipments

Mine also shipped the 21st. Its estimated arrival is 8/11-8/13. Perhaps only the Osram models shipped so far since they was the original LED and probably the first produced. Also, the notification didn’t mention the free deep carry clip so I’m crossing my fingers it comes.

Someone suggested the 3030 shipments are shipping first. (OSRAM)

I ordered 3535 (SST-20, 219c)

I think you’re probably right.

I also ordered 3535 (219c) on June 28 and it has not shipped yet.


Received!!! Thank you, freeme and Kudos to Neal…9 days to my door in U.S., a new record!!

Received mine today too! Thank you so much Freeme, and Neal! Very quick shipping

check out some beamshots:

Lumintop FW1AA - Osram W1 - Album on Imgur

I've only been using the light for an hour but it's quickly become one of the most fun lights I've gotten in a pretty long time!

I wasn't overly impressed this afternoon shining it at the wall but outside it's simply amazing.

Has anybody received a shipping notice for the sst-20 version yet?

Such idiocy to put a serial number on the outside of a product like that.

I couldn't agree more. Sucks that lumintop went that direction from where they were on the original release of the Fw3a ... at least FireFlies keeps it on the tail cap! The bezel is Even more obnoxious than some of Acebeam's branding

Hey everyone, I set ramp ceiling to 150/120 = 31 clicks. No more angry emitter.

Is Lumintops A2 version, unable to disable turbo? No option

You were getting the “blue” emitter on Turbo in the FW1AA?
Wow, something must have changed between the preproduction version to the final one!
I tested mine (preproduction) and it never became blue :neutral_face:
And I was testing it with the Vapcell H10 and Shockli H10!

Something is not right there… :neutral_face:

How is you PCB? The smaller one like mine (left) or the new one (right)?