FREEME ✌ LUMINTOP GT Nano Pro Flashlight Group Buy - ALIVE Today!

Reached my PM limit today. Kindly refer to OP for deal details. Thank you.


Thanks freeme.

Sweet! What’s the runtime breakdown on the Nano Pro’s 12 pre-defined modes? (Any runtime info you can share is appreciated, especially for the 10440 battery. I can’t order without a better picture on the runtime.)

Can you share any words about which modes it can run continuously on without the heat becoming uncomfortable to hold?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your support!

any early review impressions ?

Will do a quick one by this weekend.


Please refer to original #1 post, Thank you. [quote=Bruno28] Interested. [/quote]

Ordered 1x, cool white, with battery.

Thanks Freeme!!!

what happend review @freeme ?

Are there any plans/possibilities to make the GT Nano, GT Nano Pro and Frog with Anduril instead of NarsilM?

Frankly, I really don’t get on with my GT Nano for this reason. I find Anduril more appealing and easier to remember.

Is there a current code for this light?

Caught Covid lately.

I’ve been carrying the Frog (10440) and the GT Nano (w/ 3xAAA) in alternance, but I’ve been wishing that they had Anduril instead.
It is probably due to being used to other Anduril lights, that now it seems weird to use another ramping UI, but without the other options and features.

I know it would be challenging to make that, but…Lumintop, you could do it :innocent:

Wow, you’re using a 3xAAA on the GT Nano? I had no idea this came out… of course I see it now, on Neal’s Gadgets (LINK). I guess it just looks crazy long in the photos and is pretty usable?

I wish Lumintop had made the GT Nano such that it could be flashed with Anduril instead of NarsilM.

Yup, they launched it a while ago :wink: I showed how they look like in my Frog Review , but here’s a glimpse:

It is usable although I would like to install a “bezel” pockect clip! Specially when using cargo shorts! But in terms of usability is much better than with th 10180 tube :smiley: It subverts the whole idea of the “Nano”, but…

The Nano Pro can also be used with the 3xAAA tube :wink:

Yes, I do enjoy mixing parts of GT Nano and Frog. Now I have just ordered another original GT Nano in brass.

The GT Nano Pro is also very good. Will wait for a further discount to buy another.