[♛ FreemeGB] ASTROLUX FT03 XHP50.2 (3V) 4300lm 735m 26650/ 21700/ 18650 Flashlight - SHIPPED!

Code for xhp50.2 please. Thanks a plenty :slight_smile:

Code for XHP 50.2 please.

Coupon deal is not allowed during promotional period.

I need a coupon! (Currently 45,52€ + 1,18€ shipping to Finland on banggood.)

Sent you code the black version.

Thank you for the amazing coupon! I ended up buying a different flashlight this time but I’m still interested in “ASTROLUX FT03 SBT90.2 6300lm 1414m”. Astrolux FT03 series offers insanely good value for money!

ASTROLUX FT03 XHP50.2 in green anodizing Interested in

Interested in a ASTROLUX FT03 XHP50.2 Black 5700k. Please send me a code if available.

Thank you.

Dear Freme, I am very interested, too. Please send me a coupon.

You got mail.

Thank you very much Freeme. But I am interested for 50.2 led version 4300 Lm, instead of 90.2SBT. Thank you very much.

Hallo everybody. I just wanted to make an order for 50.2 led version with 5700 K led, bud this version is gray on Banggood. Will be anytime again active? Please help me, Freeme.

here is 1 blue left in 5700k tint,