[♛ FreemeGB-AUG] Yootoo SD1 960lm/ SD2 1000lm (21700)/ SD3 2000lm/ AMUTORCH X10 2500lm Flashlights - ALIVE - frm $9.50

Ordered each of SD1/SD2/SD3.

I notice this flashlight is also listed in AmuTorch AliExpress store.

The SD3 in BG has a bit conflicting description for the 5000k (in the selection, it indicted Philips 5000k, but inside the description it lists SST40 5000k)
In AmuTorch flashlight store in AE, it only lists SST40 for both 5000k and 6500k (SD3), so my guess is that the correct spec for the SD3 is SST40 5000k
(maybe inform BG about the typo/error for “Philips 5000k”)

Interested in all of them.

Received my SD1 today.

Good quality. Very value for money EDC. Heavy duty clip. And I like the overall design quite a lot.

Thanks freeme.

That's great to hear! Could you take some photos of the inside? Spring side of the driver & tail?

Oops… Sorry mate. Still new here and figuring out how to post image.

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Need 4 SD1’s for gifts. Are they $9.99? If so, put me in for four!

Okay. [quote=Renkster] Need 4 SD1's for gifts. Are they $9.99? If so, put me in for four! [/quote]

@freeme any idea what is going on with the SD2 5000k version?

Mine still hasn’t shipped, it was originally supposed to ship 2 weeks ago but Banggood have changed the “processing time” several times already and I have just noticed that today they have removed the 5000k option and replaced it with a 4000k option!??

Has anyone else ordered a SD2 5000k from BG?

Sounds like manufacturer has made some changes on this model. Do give me some time to check with BG.

Interested in all of them.

Thank you freeme, much appreciated.

Same here, SD01 and SD03 shipped 23oct (would not mind receiving them btw), SD02 backorder to this day.

I ordered the SD1 & 2. They should ship soon. Given the choice, I would have picked the 4000K.

Hi freeme,

Order placed for SD2.

Freeme, I ordered a 3rd light, an SD2 in 4000K.

I ordered 4 SD1 lights. For some reason my order isn’t listed as processing anymore and asks me if I want a refund
The sale page for the flashlight says “Ships in 1 to 3 days”???
Are they backordered? I contacted Banggood and asked, but they said they have technical issues and will have to email me later.
I clicked on refund and it just gives me an error lol.
The not processing is the only thing that’s bothersome.

Decided to request refund for first order. Page shows this when I hit the submit button: The refund system is upgrading, please try again in 6 hours.

We'll see...

Let me find out.