[♛ FreemeGB] Fireflies PL47 Gen II 4*XP-L/ Nichia/ SST20 Hi CRI 21700 Right Angle Flashlight - ENDED

Actually they USED to make the best caving and mountaineering headlamps out there……

They started out as a Caving and Climbing company (I used to test their gear for them)… Even used to make (again) one of the best caving oversuits available and damn was it good…

BUT over past 5-10 years they have dropped a lot of their kit if favour of MASS marketed gear and rely on their NAME to sell…

Their gear including headlamps are in almost all outdoor shops in the UK so is the first piece of gear muggles see so takes them time to be properly educated it whats good…

PS which headlamp is it you have in a box??
Love and still have the Duo….Sits in the bottom of my caving rescue bag just incase I need it!! but if I need it the CRAP really has hit the fan!!! and am probably screwed lol…

Face2face :person_facepalming: sells better than nicer leds and drivers

Need the code. please

My Tikka+ is broken and I can’t figure out the problem…

Where did you get that idea? Both use four emitters, sometimes of the same type, with a FET driver and a high-amp cell, with relatively small body mass. I can’t compare power levels directly, but I expect they’re probably in the same ballpark.

i also think,that its at least the same output as Emisar…Btw its in description…:laughing:)

ToyKeeper , sorry if it was mentioned before. Could you tel dimensions of driver of pl47?


thanks for the code

pretty sure will be DAMP/moisture…Kills almost every petzl as only ipx4

Yep, I’m glad I ordered unprotected 21700s. Was worried about length of protected cell.

An old Zipka. It’s the one where the strap retracts automatically. I think it made about 10 or 20 lumens, and wasn’t even the slightest bit water resistant. IPX0.

It was literally just 3xAAA cells wired up to some 5mm LEDs, with an on/off switch to connect or break the circuit, between two pieces of plastic which snap together. Plus a nifty spring-loaded strap mechanism.

It looks like the current models have a driver now, and a newer LED under an optic… but otherwise don’t appear to have changed much.

I’m looking at batteries for this thing, and am wondering if voltage is an issue.

for example: Efest 4549 IMR 21700 3700mAh 3.7V Unprotected High-Drain 35A Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Flat Top Battery


Nitecore INR 21700 4800mAh 3.6V Unprotected High-Drain 35A Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Flat Top Battery

Both are fine. You only need to take note of battery with 3.8V/4.35V nominal voltage.

Will the performance be affected at all?

Efest 4549 IMR 21700 3700mAh vs Nitecore INR 21700 4800mAh? Efest might have a slight edge (marginal) over Nitecore.

Thanks. If the has a slight performance edge, I’ll take it because it has a big (About 1/3 the price) cost edge.

Interested if still possible

@Deputy Dog there is a big performance difference between a 25A like the Efest 21700 3750mAh and Nitecore 4800mAh at 10A.

For high power, I would therefore recommend the Efest 21700 3750mAh.

Sent. Anymore?


I hear you. They’re both rated 35A at least on paper. The Efest cost under $10.00 while that Nitecore is nearly $30.00. And then there was the slight voltage difference.