[♛ FreemeGB] Fireflies PL47 Gen II 4*XP-L/ Nichia/ SST20 Hi CRI 21700 Right Angle Flashlight - ENDED

Samsung 48G popped up on fasttech for a decent price I think. Weight/capacity ratio hard to beat with these cells if you’re thinking about using it for weight sensitive activities like hiking and such.


In for 1 -

PL47 Emitter type: XPL Hi V3 1A Cool

For work lights I prefer cold, cold light. Better contrast, but I do admit that warm white is really more pleasant.

I wanted this light to replace my Solarforce right-angle light. Its lens was broken when it fell off my Molle gear trauma plate carrier in Afghanistan, and the lens ring was dented. Never did find a replacement ring/lens.

Is it safe to use Golisi S35? I don’t have many 21700 battery choices at local marketplace.


Any chance those might be Samsung 40T rewraps? If not has anyone got any info about whether these cells are any good? Liito Kala make good 26650’s…

These are Lishen 21700s. Good Chinese 4000mAh 20A continuous rated cells.

So you’d be happy putting them in your light mate? I didn’t know Liito Kala rewraps other brands

I will be using my LS2170SA 4000mAh for the time being too. Will most probably order Samsung 40T later this month.

Interested if not too late

NOV 15, 2018 < last day.

How do I get in on this? Was about to order one from Fireflies site but noticed this GB is still active… but not sure how this works.

Edit: Hard to know what is legit anymore. I can’t tell.

For the gamblers out there, order these random ones now at the 11.11 price.


OP will send you a private message with instructions for the GB discount.

Thank you. Now trying to decide on the 219B or SST20 in 4000K. Can’t seem to find much for direct comparisons pics via google.

Ordered a black SST20 4000K. Thanks freeme.

Thanks Freeme

Bought the champagne nichia

ordered one XPL 5000K, wanted the champagne but looks like the wrong one was added to the cart.

I’ve sent an email to fireflies to see if this can be modified since there is no change/cancel option in the orders page, hopefully positive response as well as not installing the magnet.

Is there not a reliable retailer of genuine cells in or around the EU?…

I got an email from Jack today confirming my magnet will be bagged separately. That means that he is getting to his emails, which will take a bit of time considering all the orders he had at once. I bet he has you covered. If not PM him tomorrow on here maybe but give him time to read all his emails first.

Then it’s a month wait. Actually my last order sat longer with NY customs than China. I was feeling like they could’ve included one of their famous NY cannolis for my wait.