FS Thrunite Ti3 modded to High CRI

confirmed, and thank you
will update when shipped

proof of light :slight_smile:

Sent you a pm

Got everything. Thanks for the extras. I’m going to play with them a bit before I switch lenses. I think I’m going for a 2700k next time. It seems like the warmer I get, the warmer I want

Glad all arrived safely :+1:

fwiw, the 2700k is available in LH351d. It makes a very nice floody option, as the LED is larger. It is a good option for full dark adapted situations, such as a nightstand light.

otoh, the 3500k option you chose, is a favorite for a number of very experienced people, including archimedes, as a general EDC.

I like 3500k in the evening, as it is slightly cooler than my 3000k house lights. This makes the LED light seem slightly “whiter”, and makes the beam seem brighter.

no wrong choices, options for different ambient light environments vary, based on the brains adaptation.


Sent a response to your offer. Hope to make many more transactions in the future.

Jon-SLider - I really like this mod, thanks for sharing! i have 4 xeno e03’s coming in. I just found this “little” AA light and i love it (researching found that the e03 was a popular light 6-8 years ago! well it still is awesome). I would like to mod one with a nichia, i have already done one with a sst40 5000k, but would like some high cri options.

where is a good place to source some of these nichia emitters you have here?

Thank you!



I buy the Nichias from our member azhu, his sales thread is here

I highly recommend his offerings.

I also buy a specific extra pink sw45k from Bob_McBob, his sale thread is here

I googled your xeno lights (no experience), they use Cree XM-L2 led, so to use Nichia you need to change the mcpcb… one source is mountain electronics (they also sell some LH351d, preinstalled on an mcpcb, of various sizes)

I also buy mcpcb to use with my Nichia swaps, from ogazent (I discard the LED they come with).

in some of my lights, swapping from Cree XM-L2 led, to nichia, creates less than ideal beams, due to the larger hole at the base of the Cree XM-L2 reflector. In some cases I get a better beam using the LH351d in lights that originally came w Cree XM-L2 led. (I have no love for the High CRI options of Cree XM-L2 led, Im a diehard Nichia lover).

credit for these parts sources goes to moderator007, a tremendously helpful member here.

fwiw, I generally dont just buy one or two LEDs or mcpcbs… I try to make the vendors time worthwhile, by buying 10 at a time…, but they will ship smaller numbers if desired.

suggest you post a new thread with photos of your xeno, I will be curious to learn more about it

enjoy your lights, and Happy Modding… this is a great forum for getting support with modding. I will be happy to share info, and applause :slight_smile:

Got the 2700k. Like it the best. The warmth is there, and it covers the area I need it to. Will experiment with the tir later

thanks for the update
Glad you are enjoying the 2700k with the pebbled TiR…

stay safe and enjoy


fwiw, Ti3 are on sale, I bought a few more, if anyone wants one modded to High CRI, PM me

if you want to mod your own, Im happy to share how to info, Free of charge. See this post for modding pics and PM me if you have questions.

modded two Thrunite Ti3
LH351d 2700k, 219b 3000k, stock CW XP-G2

pebble Tir, clear Tir, stock reflector

these lights are available for sale, $40 shipped conus, I pay G&S Paypal fees.
choice of Pebble Tir, smooth Tir, or Reflector
choice of LH351d 2700k, 219b 3000k, 219b 3500k, 219b 4000k, 219b 4500k… all 219b are 9080

Sold one 2700k w pebbled Tir
I have a couple more hosts available with choice of LED and optic

new experimental reflector:

Aqua glow on a Ti3 w 3000k 219b

the beam becomes floody, and lumens go down
cant wait to wake up in the dark to try it out…

the glow makes me grin…

It may be mine. Just received it and extremely happy. I have been gravitating toward warmer color temperatures and this is it. For me it is the perfect night stand light.
I have owned several modified lights and this is as good as anything I have owned. Workmanship is outstanding.
Thanks Jonathan.

I love that Tir for this warm floody night light,
credit to moderator007 for making me aware of them

I just put a similar Tir in this one, w sw45k:

fun little lights

latest mods for sale, if interested see the first post


I’m in if you have or can mod one at 3500k and one at 4000k. Saw this post after the fact and was bummed I missed out. Best tiny EDC light with multiple modes all around.

I would be happy to do that for you, but I do not have any other hosts at the moment.

If you want to provide the hosts, I will provide the LED and pay fees and shipping, for $30 per light, by Paypal Goods and Services.

PM on the way.

I’m in for the de-domed 3000k nichia 219b. Thanks, Jonathan!

It is yours.
Thank you also! :beer: