Future development of the maximum luminance of LEDs

Can you guys maybe discuss specific lights in a new/different thread? This thread is more about fundamental changes to the LEDs themselves.

This new “flat black” is very interesting.

Will it be available in NW tints at any point? I assume the ones on LED4power are CW?

I just tried them. In the GT mini I got 219 kcd with it but it need to raise the reflector a bit. Tonight I have no time for that. And putted one in a 9x7135 convoy driver convoy S8. The reflector is a regular S2+ Smo reflector. It has fix 3,15A current and I got 30800 cd. Not bad from a tube light :slight_smile:
With dedomed XP-G2 this same light made 22000cd.

Impressive numbers, if this LED is available in NW I can think of a lot of uses for it.

I just can’t bring myself to dig into a CW only LED since I know I will never truly like it. lol

The performance numbers sound real good though!

In my test at 3.3A it had same performance as the best G2 (xpg2s42b dedomed) on 4.7A current draw. So comparing to other and older classic dedomed G2 emitters it should over perform them even at 3A as you said.

If somebody want to see some pics of the led and some beamshots there it is.

Using the kw cslnm1.tg spec sheet.
The chromacity bin is: ebxD46. Looking at the Osram datasheet and plugging the coordinates into this website,

the CCT is between: 5849k to 6384k.
Less cool than the Black Flat. The warmest tint bin in this series is the fcbB46 that range from 5,3xx to 5,8xx. However, I have the Skylumen Delta with the Black Flat 6500k and the tint is actually very white with no blue and being a WW/NW fan, I find this specific 6500k very acceptable even though I dislike other bluish 6500k lights I’ve seen. Maybe it’s because of the negative DUV makes it appear whiter?

Plugging the coordinates here:

the DUV is between: –0.0044 and –0.0043, which will at least ensure the beam will not be green, maybe it will be a bit on the rosy side. I like the pure white of the black flat. Hopefully this is about the same.

The flux bin is 6N
at 1A: min 315 lm and max 355 lm

Compared to the Black Flat sold on Mouser, which is 8M flux bin:
at 1A: min 250 lm and max 280 lm

Djozz tested the LED4Power at 6100k. There’s a bunch of other good info in this thread.

The tint should be quite nice for a cool white, low-cri LED. I have not seen anything better of this kind.

Thanks for the info, I will need to order some and try them myself. Might be worth trying them in some lights.

Hmm, MT18 with these could be interesting for example.

That would be a super exciting mod. 18 of those emitters hopefully can get 300+kcd in a big fat hotspot with no spill. Definitely one of a kind!

Hey, do you mean the gap between the LED PCB and the reflector should be increased? Or should the LED be raised inside/deeper in the reflector?

So is this usually the way to determine if you should raise or lower the LED inside the reflector? If the beam is going thinner, then raise the LED; if it is going wider too quickly, lower the LED?

First question: increase distance between led MCPCB and reflector.
Second: opposite what you written. But you cent raise the led or lower you only can play with reflector by the centering ring thiskness. Or stick tape layers around the led under the centering ring. That is what I have done.

For the new Flat white, Does anyone know what the model number would be for the “perfect” version?

I am thinking about sending it to a manufacture I am working with for a new light but obviously want them to get the best version of the LED if possible.

I did not see a model number break down in the datasheet like some LED’s.

Maybe there is just one version, like with the Black Flat white. The Black Flat got an upgrade at some point, that is why there are two model numbers.

That is possible, although how do you specify the tint bin and flux bin in that case?

I guess I can just tell them the flux and tint bins we want and see what they can find.

I believe for the tint bins you just specify the Color Chromaticity Groups on page 6 of the spec sheet. fcbB46 is the warmest but is entirely above the BBL so will be greenish. The ebzB46 is 2nd warmest and is just a tad bit under the BBL but might still look green under reflector/optics. The ebxD46 is 3rd warmest and is what Led4Power is selling , which I think is the best tint bin since even in any reflector/optic, it will still not be green.

Led4power sells the 6N flux bin. The highest is 7N so would be sweet if the flashlight manufacturers can procure those since they are buying in large quantities.

Here is what is shown on the packaging.

Great, that shows what I need. Looks like the info we need is under the Bin1: label.


I will toss it out there and see what they find.

Will be sweet if they can acquire that! But even the 6N bin from L4P has been pretty stellar. I just did a search for this emitter and found two other places that sell them.

Mouser sells the KW CSLNM1.TG-8M7N-ebvF46fcbB46-15B5, which basically means it can be any flux bin from the lowest 8M 250lm-280lm@1A to the highest 7N 355-400lm@1A, any chromacity bin from the coolest ebvF46 to to the warmest fcbB46, and any forward voltage group from the lowest “15” 2.75V-3V@1A to the highest “B5” 3.25-3.5V@1A. Why would anyone want to buy from Mouser with so much uncertainty?

Avnet sells the KW CSLNM1.TG-6N7N-EBVF46EBXD46 which has tighter specifications 6N to 7N flux bin and the cooler two chromacity bins, but it doesn’t say what the forward voltage group is.

I’m surprised how a small shop like L4P was able to obtain superior binning than the bigger folks.

Note that Osram makes LEDs that should be potentially better than White Flat:

  • Oslon Boost HX

For some applications KW CELNM1.TG would be better as well.

SVK, I think that Mouser simply puts in a bulk order and does not really care what they get, they just want something with maximum margins so they can see the demand. They rarely have the best bins or tints of any LED.

Agro, Interesting, what footprint are those? 3535? Do they also have a neutral thermal pad? That is what is making me consider the white flat. The black flat was just too much hassle to work with.