FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

When experiencing problems, it is recommended to remove the head, remove the tail, tightly re-install the tail, then re-install the head.

Shipped on 27th of April still no tracking possible. :cry:

I love all of these mods that are popping up. But stuffing a quad into the FW”3”A is a little ironic. And it defeats a great design feature:

There’s not much to gain if you cover 20% of a quad, while the FW3A is the most efficient triple ever (in term of output of course)

To enter thermal config mode from off:

Triple click (to enter “blinkies” modes) The first blinkies mode is battery check, it blinks out the battery voltage.

Double click 3x (to select Temp Check) Temp check mode should blink out the temp in C.

Quad click (to enter thermal config) The light will flash once, then “buzz” for a few seconds waiting for input that will set the current temp (click N times for N degrees C). Next the light will flash twice, then “buzz” for a few seconds waiting for input that will set the temp limit (click N times for 30C + N). Note that it’s not necessary to input anything while the light is “buzzing” if you don’t need to change the setting. Just wait a few seconds and it will stop buzzing and and advance to the next setting or exit thermal config.

Edit: definitely check out teacher’s thread that he linked below. A lot of good info in one place.

Go HERE and do things step by step.

Pay special attention to the driver retaining ring part. Sounds like yours could be loose.

Loose driver retaining ring it is! :+1: Thank you. Thought I broke it. :person_facepalming:
Great thread there. Learned something from the teacher today!

Yodel finally delivered mine! Only took them 6 days…

Anyway, love the light. Thanks to all involved in this project.
Neal - Congratulations!
Toykeeper - Love the candle mode! I’ll have to see about upgrading my other lights to this.

Also being from the birthplace of aviation, mine went through Hebron, KY yesterday and is out for delivery today :)

:+1: … Good, glad that solved it! :beer:

Congrats Neal!

You guys are lucky. I ordered both tints and a couple batteries on April 26, and my order still hasn’t SHIPPED!


Gunga you’re not alone…i have order it on 28thApril :laughing:)

djozz, “aviator” style lights normally have a red emitter along with the white ones. It’s been said (not sure how true it is) that red light is “non glaring” and doesn’t affect night vision as much as a white light does. So red is supposed to be preferred over white. The problem is trying to read red text with a red light, the text disappears. Along with that massive red puddle of hydraulic fluid you just missed with your red light :person_facepalming: So they sometimes include blue and green emitters in the same light.

For me, I don’t fly with a red/blue/green light just because it’s not all that necessary. I’d rather use an extremely dim (1 lumen) white light than find out later we have no brakes, flaps, or gear, because I missed the puddle of hydraulic fluid on the ground, and I can’t read the emergency checklist because it’s written in red ink :weary: Here is what I use in the cockpit, along with the awesome FW3A for everything else.

Definitely read the instructions in detail on how Anduril works.

If you’re only getting momentary moonlight, you’ve entered lockout mode (4 clicks from off).

Repeat 4 clicks from off to exit lockout mode.

He had a loose driver. :+1:

Mine showed up. 12 days, not bad at all. Flashlight looks perfect, works perfect, zero complaints. Great job team. TK, your work is what makes this light, the awesome little light it is. Here’s to you! :beer:

I believe that’s Emisar’s Ramping IOS. Anduril should be six clicks, and you need to loosen and tighten the tail again to cut the battery connection and reset back to normal operation.

Ordered a 3D on April 28. just got notice of delivery. that was fast. Cant wait to check it out. too bad i have no unprotected cells. i didnt know about you could order a cell with the light after the fact. just ordered some for BG now i have to wait a month. thank you to all involved! this will be my first single cell multi emitter so i am excited!

I just wanted to comment: Loosen the head on the FW3A, not the tail. Open at the head end always.

Other way around actually.

  • Emisar’s Ramping IOS is 6 clicks to activate lockout. And once it’s locked out nothing happens till you unlcok.
  • Anduril’s lockout is 4 clicks. And while locked out it still operates moonlight momentary mode.