FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

received mine today. The boxes, both them, were destroyed. From what I read earlier I knew the light would be encased in foam so I didn’t worry. It was fine, no damage….but it didn’t work. After some twisting it started working. The switch is FANTASTIC! The color is gray, the clip is black. I don’t care. Insanely HOT very quickly on turbo. I’m in Calif, any others around here know what to set the temp thingy at? And does that help it to not get so hot? This is a terrific light, BUT, I don’t feel like it’s going to keep working because of all I read? I can’t figure out that retaining ring on the driver? Is there even one there??? And does it turn? I was looking thru a magnifying glass and couldn’t really see a ring like on other lights. Were the boxes marked? No marking on mine that indicated it was a 3D. Tint is fine but I prefer warmer.

Keeping an eye out for the next available emitter, and pricing. Be a fool not to get another. I want bunnies!

I ordered two on the same day,separate orders. One came a couple days ago, the other us not tracking well…

I received my 3D and 7A a few days ago. My evening hours are limited these days so I haven’t really had the chance to fully suss them out. Here are a few random observations.
1–I couldn’t push one of the boxes out of its sleeve. It seemed like the sleeve was glued to the inner box so I had to peel it off. So what.
2–The switch on one is much stiffer and louder than the other. I prefer the softer one. I haven’t removed either’s tail cap yet.
3–The clip, while not deep carry, is pretty friggin sweet. It slides over my pocket with next to no effort. And I don’t even mind the extra width of the round bit.
4–I do have to be mindful not to press the switch while clipping the light in my pocket.
5–I thought I had a good idea of what size it would be but it still feels smaller than I expected.
6–I didn’t realize how accustomed to side switches I was. I think I’ve settled on a modified cigar grip. Thumb in back, index and middle over, ring and pinky under.
7–While I like them both, I can’t help wishing the 3D was a 5D and the 7A was also a 5D.
Big ups to the whole crew! It’s been fun watching this materialize and is now even more fun.

You have a black switch? That is odd. Post a picture if you can. (Maybe you mean black clip?)

The default temp is set to 45°C I believe, or was is 55°? I can’t remember. I would not try changing the temp step down. I would first try calibrating the ambient temperature since that is the one that is not calibrated. M4D M4X did a video on it.


my error Jason, yes, corrected to black clip. I’ll see if I can calibrate the temperature, thanks!

Below is a very clear picture by TomE of the ‘driver retaining ring’. It is very, very thin saypat & somewhat hard to see… but it should be there.
HERE is some more info.

The retaining ring doesn’t need to be very tight. Turn it clock wise to tighten. I really only tightened mine with one of the notches (at that was because I took everything apart to mod it). I don’t think my usual pliers and stuff will grab both ends of the ring at once without slipping.

I see that people have already started getting 7A.
Sadly, my not even sent.
Paid Apr 28, 2019


That’s what I did too. Small screwdriver in one notch, spun around until finger tight.

Good tip. My ambient default temp was set to 39. Recalibrated now.

Just for the sake of clarity, for anyone still not seeing it… retaining ring notches highlighted:

I hope they come out with some new colors. As much as I like this light the only thing keeping me from buying multiple is no $30 option and the weird gray on fingerprint black on silver color combo. I may just have to try to bake the anno if a $30 one comes out.

Neal, will there be a 5D, or any other Cree tints besides the three currently available?

Ordered mine on 27th April order #3015 - haven’t heard a thing back (tracking number etc) Hmmm, anybody else in the same boat? did send an email but have heard nothing back. Thought they were starting to send out on the 8th?

My FW3A arrived today!

First interesting thing - the box had a return address of Cranbury, NJ and appears to be shipped by USPS (US Postal Service). I see no typical Chinese markings on the outer box.

I googled the address and found a company who’s web site states:

So maybe Lumintop is shipping cases of lights to NJ and this company handling shipping within the US.

I know, right?

Well, maybe not 5D, but perhaps 5A. Or 4D.

The proto4 sample I got appears to be a 5A, and it’s really nice. It’d probably be even better as a 4D though. It’s just a touch warm for my taste. The 3D production model seems colder than I was hoping though, and the tint isn’t as good as some other 3D lights I have.

I asked Neal a couple times to do 7A, 5A, 3D, and 2A/1D. I provided data on the relative quantities to make too, to match the poll data. Now there’s 7A, 3D, and 1A… but he didn’t want to do a “5” tint because it was too similar to the SST-20 model. And that’s fair. But it sure would be nice if other people could get one like the 5A proto4 unit I have.

So now my favorites are 219B sw45k and XP-L HI 5A… and it’s hard to decide between the two. Maybe someday I can get some 4D emitters to use as a tie-breaker. :slight_smile:

I placed my order on the 28th (3625, 2x 3D + 1x 7A) and haven’t heard anything beyond the order confirmation e-mail either. Just figured that an update would come when it comes (sooner rather than later being preferable, of course).

Mine’s saying the same thing. It’s interesting to see just how synced several deliveries from the same place at about the same time to the UK can be.

Mine’s coming to Devon.

they don’t have plan for this tint now

the shipping delayed because of the baby birth and the led out of stock

Now my baby is already back home. and the lights are arrived today.

I will ship all the orders in group buy this week.