FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Got my lights in the mail a few days ago, just now tried 2 use them. Idk if it’s a quality control issue but I cant them to work correctly. Like my batteries are too big? The cap wont screw on all the way and when I get it on all the way the button wont depress at all.

I’ve tried both protected and unprotected button top 18650s. I also only inserted the batteries at the head per the instructions. And o my 18650w aren’t dead.

How long are your batteries?

6.75cm maybe? I’ve tried multiple battery brands that I have though, same issue. Even when I’m able to screw the cap on all the way, same issue. And it’s happening with both lights.

For example this is 1 of the batteries I have from MTN Electronics: Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA Protected 3500mAh


I ordered a 3D and I tink I received a 7A (the carton box is labelled WW), hence my question.

Hi…. Go HERE . Read it, do what is says, and hopefully that will fix you up. :+1:

Oh yeah, “Protected” batteries will not work. They are to long.

Does it have a noticeable orange tint? If so it is a 7A.

67.5mm is likely too long for the inner tube to make contact. do you have anything shorter that you can try?

Mine was dead this morning. Charging now, but read 4.01

Maybe I did the lockout. :thinking:

Did you get this one KB?? If you did, please keep us posted as to what caused the DOA.
TYIA …. :beer:

That’s the way I see it. I havent been here but 3 years but I have probably collected +/- 30 lights. All of them loaded with toykeepers touch. If you had told me 10yrs ago what flashlights would be capable of…… I could not have even been able to imagine. I mean even if I only give $2/mo for a year it would only be $24 or like teacher said, you could give $24 the first month and then cancel. Really simple……… I think.

Nope… nothing yet…

Thanks KB.

Loose retaining ring. Back on track.

my box had no labeling on it as to what emitter it had. Did others who ordered the 3D have a label on their box, just curious?

No label on my 3D boxes.

I have a 7a and a WW label.

My 3D had no label; my 7A had a WW label.

The buttons movement should not be physically effected by the battery length. The switch pcb sits against a ridge and the button floats on the other side. Maybe your too long cell is physically compressing the spring and bending the pcb?

If the batteries are unprotected, try loosening the head a few turns, then tighten the tail cap nice and snug, then tighten the head.

Also make sure the driver retaining ring is tight. It seems a lot have been showing up loose.

I measure that one at 69mm.

A few more photos :sunglasses: