FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

+1 . Yes, a very educational article indeed. I had no idea about this type thing done by some people either. That is past low down & despicable behavior. :frowning:

Thanks for sharing the link to the article.

Everything is already with lanterns, but I can’t wait for the sst-20 version. Sadly I’ll wait a little longer. :cry:

I perfectly agree with Toykeeper’s method.

She does a lot of work, and when someone is not happy with someone else, bad things can happen.

Also, have you seen what recently happened with Paypal? They won’t refund you the 2-4% transaction fee anymore.

So, for Canadians alike, I’ll use another method planned.

Yes, the Vinh flavors of this light are legit. Making premium modified versions of lights is his job, and he takes it quite seriously. He stands behind his work and makes sure everything is in order. Plus, he’s also very friendly if you have any questions or anything like that.

Ok so I got my light 2 weeks ago and tried it with a button top 30q. didnt turn on. So I thought it needed a flat top, so I ordered some VTC6s and flat top 30Qs and the light still wont turn on. Is there some sort of protection mode it could have tripped that I need to reset or do I have a defective light?

FW3A Troubleshooting / FAQ

I'm going to reiterate the point about the hole in the clip as being an ugly /retarded addition for absolutely no reason .

And then suggest that they sell the parts that people are asking for and stop being idiots .

it's more sales folks that's why you make stuff "to make money $$" so sell extra clips . extra tailcaps ,bunny tailcaps , extra drivers and clickies . maybe even optic or emitters on an MCPCB. why wouldn't you ??? I never understood why people have to beg for this stuff or why when they finally sell them they charge too much . Make these small additions to a sale and the result will be much greater profit ..oh yeah fix the stupid clip

maybe it’s as simple as they make 1000 of each… Can you predict just how many extra clips you’d need or bunny buttons? inventorying all that etc etc?

Manufacturing and deciding on what spares or extras to make can be complicated. Leftover parts or accessories cut into the profits and those can be slim enough. They are in the business of selling ready to use lights.

And no need to use the ‘retarded’ word when stating your opinion, thanks. I never gave the slot or hole a second thought.

It’s called bulk purchasing power. It’s always better to buy more of something if you can justify it, sell it, or use it.

If you can buy 2000 pcs of something vs 1000 pcs of something, it may lower the cost as much by a factor of 2 (50% or 1/2).

That’s my experience with ordering custom springs anyway.

Thanks, I was going in through the tailcap because apparently Im a du-mas and cant read instructions, inserted the battery from the front and everything works.

So is WW, NW or CW better?


Which one is better?

5000k 95CRI SST-20.

So NW obviously for most uses, and warm white for outdoor lights and lamp posts.

If only there was a 5000k 95CRI SST-20 though…

That would make things so much easier. better.

Good one Mr. Scott!! :+1:
I predict that is one “controversy” that will never be solved…… :innocent:

Hi…. Go HERE . Read it, do what is says, and hopefully that will fix you up. :+1:

Make sure the threads are clean too

what does one use to clean the threads? Alcohol? How about Hydrogen Peroxide? Or WD 40? Any of these? Then Super Lube Synthetic Grease afterwards? Thanks!

A simple cleaning rag.

Yeah… like BSM said, a rag.

Put the rag in your open hand, grasp the threads, and give it a twist. Clean threads.

Inside threads… use rag over finger tip.

Super Lube is great.

Interesting, mine said that mine was “on the way” like a 5 days ago but the tracking number draws a blank on every site that I try it on…
Anyone else experiencing this?

Still no sign of the SST-20 version? It is almost a month now.