FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

both worthy of possessing…


Only one is worthy.

One is making upgrades.
The other is downgrades.

IMO, they should’ve just kept the glass, and changed the optic, while telling us about the change.

There’s a much bigger difference between a worse design vs a change of part that doesn’t change much.

I believe Lumintop had to do a lot of design engineering and make their own blueprints. I doubt they copied Fritz’s measurements and tolerances precisely. They probably used his light as inspiration, but basically designed it all new (body/machining wise).

What licensing? Between Fritz and Lumintop? I don’t believe there was any mention of such a thing. If there was, I missed it.

I don’t think you are realizing just how much effort and money Lumintop also put into this project. It’s not fair to say they were “gifted” the design and they only had to “make” it. It’s like I design a car and hand it to Ford and say “Make this”. It’s not that simple, it’s very complicated. Ford has to figure out all the nitty gritty details like fit, finish, tolerances, prototyping, testing, etc…

I think the only thing Lumintop did not have to work on was Anduril, because ToyKeeper worked on it for them.

So it was truly a group effort. Not many manufacturers will even work with forums since we are such a pain in their butt with so many demands, etc… :smiley:

Still, I can’t defend this last minute optic design change. They should say the problem they are having, for example maybe their supply of Carclo lenses is getting low and Carclo can not keep up demand. So an example to remedy this is to have a different company make a custom lens. They should ask us if this is acceptable before just doing it. Maybe it is only about lowering production costs, I don’t really know. The way they did it with no warning (kinda) and no explanation of why is surely going to upset many people and lose sales.


I’m not saying Lumintop didn’t invest money and effort. I’m just saying a lot was done at no cost to them. Designing something like this in house would have been difficult for them, or maybe they never would have thought of it at all.

D4 v2 is official.

1. Larger MCPCB with dedicated screws holes: All 4 optic legs are intact in the D4 v2.
2. 7 auxiliary LED colors options which is selectable through config UI, as well as the voltage indication function.
3. Knurling on the tube, magnet option in the tailcap, lanyard hole added.
4. Anduril UI
5. Couple of other small improvements

Availability: soon

Perfect timing.

Very clever! :partying_face:

Unfortunately, ‘Gate Gate’ is already taken, in reference to the (unnecessary) scrutiny of Carclo optics. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was waiting for someone to defend Lumpytarp .

Seems like the bunny just keeps going and going and going .So happy that I got my order in for the sst-20 / 30$ light that they promised .....ooops I mean 32$ I'm assuming the 2$ is for Lumbertop to buy optics that will murder the throw gains of the sst emitters.

brilliant ...just brilliant

Just correcting misinformation (or incorrect assumptions) when I see it. :wink:

Can't believe you did it . I knew it was coming :P

They deserve credit for capitalizing the letter L too


Just noticed the price is higher than 30$US for the SST-20 version.

So, maybe they’ll use the Carclo+lens setup in the pre-ordered SST-20 version since the price difference is for the lens price and Carclo TIR?

Anyway, if that’s not the case, I’m not buying the FW3A anymore.

They should’ve just taken the 20% import taxes on the LH351Ds, made it the same price as the XP-L HI version, and be done with it.

LH351Ds with the floodier non-AR Glass optics would be extra floody. Practically a different light from the SST-20 + 10511 + AR Glass version.

I’ve been hearing that as well. Apparently due to the thin and flat surface of the sapphire crystal, it is more shatter prone than tempered glass. Are you familiar at all with Borofloat lenses

I would prefer those, but they aren’t the right size.

I believe that shatter-sensitivity of sapphire lenses is a non-issue.

I was ready to buy the copper and titanium versions too but I will keep my wallet closed after this nasty cost cutting crappola. shame Lumintop shame…

I agree my watches with sapphire have a far more exposed glass and get hit almost every day. Never had a problem, in fact really glad they don’t scratch.

Are those domed or flat sapphire watch crystals?

I have both. I believe the thinnest is 2.9 mm flat, but that’s with 32mm diameter.