FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public


I had for almost 20 years and more than half a million kilometers a Charade

I’m fine with any name possible since it will not be engraved. :+1:
At least it will not look like this with tons of “literature” :


It looks like a heavily sponsored race car. Do not want.

In addition to the different materials for the FW3A, I’d love the powers that be to offer an 18350 tube and possibly the thought of a larger tube for the 21700 cells that may appear on the horizon.

Also I agree with delusional’s post up above. At this price point, with the size, lumens, UI and cool looks, it really could be the next “it” light. I love my Zebralights and really appreciate the quality they possess, but I don’t know at this stage of the game if I’d buy them again knowing that new and wonderful lights are being created at a fraction of the price.

That’s true PBW, but the lights we buy today will work just as nicely as they do today, until they go on the fritz, even if other lights have more output or throw, whatever. My problem is that I need to convince myself of that. There was a post over in the Q8 thread that mentioned about Narsil vs the clunky UIs. I think that’s going to be more of an issue for me than performance. After using the Narsil Lite UI in the D4, I’m going to love Narsil in these new BLF lights and I won’t want to go back to the old UIs.

seems R2D2 caught on pretty well

FW3A sounds OK to me

and with lamps from BLF you can flash different UIs on your lamp.
Read what Toykeeper wrote about FSM firmware.

Will update list later of course

And well for me FW3A is the name but funny thing, my wife needed an update on what we are doing and her reaction was “FW3A, that is a working title yes?’ And then people started posting about the name lol

It is gonna be Clean anyways :wink:

joechina, yes, I understand that. But I like the Narsil ramping. I’ll definitely play with the other UI modes, but I doubt that I’ll like them more than ramping. The D4 only has ramping (it also has memory and a double click for turbo) and it’s very nice.


I am keen on one. Can you please add me to the list? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely need to get other materials.

How about Fritzfire?


This viewpoint seems to be getting more popular. For the most part, lights are already bright enough, already small enough, already have good enough tint and beam qualities and runtime… so one of the main things which appeals about new lights is the interface.

I could just use the 1xAA ZebraLight I got in 2013. It’ll probably last a hundred years. But the interface seems so clunky compared to the latest projects on BLF…

They could also get more efficient but I left that out because it’s a minor point unless that results in more light with significantly less heat. Think cold light like a firefly or a Cyalume stick.

I’ll take one!

In for one please :slight_smile:

Yes will update the list later.

Include me in the list too please, when you are updating it. Thanks.

I also take one

and list updated

Can I be took off the list please? Number 181. Thanks.

May I be put on the list please? Thank you!