FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I also much prefer the straight body over the newer curved look, but even though I considered it for a while I probably won’t withdraw. A nice light is a nice light, after all.

I really like what I see here, for me it’s much nicer than the original. TK, could you measure dimensions? It seems thicker but shorter than on the original drawing.

I’d love 18350 variant, it would certainly be my EDC favourite. But as it is, I simply find D4 to be better suited for this purpose.

I also like the “smooth ramping” design of the latest prototype. If the problems are sorted out, this will be a huge success.

From what I read in the german forum:

  • the curved look was made to make the clip work better with cloth. It seems Lumintop asked for something.
  • acceptance of the new design: it’s OK
  • many expressed they like the matt finish better than the polished one from the rendering.

My thoughts:
I hoped for a 45 deg chamfer like on the tool AAA. I don’t like that slope.
I like matt better than polished.
I tend to buy ugly lights if the UI is right.

Here is the discussion thread (German) about the new design.

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Title: First prototype

Can the FW3A team ask a moderator to edit this in? The Miller is quite a bit away.

It was not a polished finish, it was a raw, straight from the lathe with marks and all then clear anodized.

Just noticed I’m not on the list… Would like to be added please!

Prototype looks great… I like the tapered edge but it could be shorter. Will a nichia 219C version be available?

There is no photo of it in that finish or?
Only a rendering.

Here’s a shot of a Convoy L2 anodized straight off the CNC machines…

Shiny, not polished, anodized for wear and oxidation resistance.

Are you saying that the 2 photos in post 1 are not real, just a rendering? If so, they fooled me. Lol


As I mentioned before, I much prefer the original design, to the point that I tend not to want this light anymore (I’m very picky about the looks of a flashlight).

But there’s no arguing about taste, if most people are happy with what Lumintop made of it, this is how the light will be.

I like the original design better as well, but I will still order this tapered version.

I too prefer the original design to the new one.

If the entire tail end is glued I assume there is no possibility of a shorter 18350 tube? Given how popular that seems to be with the Emisar line and several mentions in this thread is that already a done deal or could there still be a short tube for sale separately?

This thing is getting harder to mod by the minute :laughing:

I like the new tapered version. Making each end of the light easier to differentiate by feel is a good thing.

Also, tapers just feel nice. My Nitecore Concept 1 feels much better in the hand than a Sipik 68.

Who are these people who cant find the end of their light? If you press the end and there’s a button you figured it out. If not then flip it around and repeat. The pocket clip can serve the same purpose as well.

No problem with preferring one look over another but call it what it is.

That was just the prototype that was glued. The production version might not be.

To do an 18350 tube would require 2 tubes. One inner and one outer.

I don’t know if the glued tail end is part of the plan or if it’s just a quirk of the prototype. I’m hoping it won’t stay that way in the future.

About a shorty 18350 tube, I doubt that will happen. The host design doesn’t seem very amenable to that sort of change. It would need a new clip, a new outer tube, and a new inner tube… with the clip and outer tube redesigned instead of just chopped.