FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Two questions for you:
What are the differences between Anduril and Narsil?
What diffuser are you using for your Q8? (got one made for Fenix but it sits really loose. One medium shake and it comes off.)

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I would happily accept,
I would accept,
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For a lamp with a LED in the switch:
Has Andúril also the temporary off for the switch LED, like the Q8?
(From OFF, a quick ON and OFF).

I use this constantly with my Q8. I like the normal behaviour of the switch LED, but when I put the Q8 on the shelf I also like to switch the Led off.

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Ah, there we go. Somehow I missed this when I scanned post #1.

Are Tommy and Fritz15 mainly working on the design over at TLF?

No, Andúril doesn’t currently behave like that.

Quite a few. The general concept is the same, smooth ramp plus mode group plus extras, but beyond that it’s pretty different. The code is completely new from scratch, ramping and mode group share a single UI, the mode group uses whatever parameters you want, the blinkies are more numerous and adjustable, thermal regulation is faster and too smooth to see, config options are mostly attached to the modes they affect instead of being all in one place, etc.

More information is in the FSM thread.

Dale sent me one made by ZozzV6. I don’t really know the details, but Zozz would. It’s a very tight fit; I actually had to sand it town a little to make it easier to put on.

The switch LED has three states — high, low, and off. During use (when the main emitters are on), it runs at high or low to match the brightness of the main emitters. While off, the switch LED uses user config values to decide what to do:

  • Regular “off” mode: High, low, or off.
  • Lockout mode: High, low, or off.
  • Other modes with an “off” state (momentary, muggle): Currently just off. (might change)

To change the switch LED config, go to lockout mode. It then has a few available actions:

  • Click or hold: Momentary moon.
  • Two clicks or click, hold: Momentary moon.
  • Three clicks: Change lockout mode switch brightness.
  • Click, click, hold: Change regular “off” mode switch brightness. Let go when it reaches the desired level.
  • Four clicks: Exit lockout mode.

So… if you want the switch to stay on most of the time (while off) but want it to turn off sometimes, you could set regular “off” to “low” and set lockout-mode “off” to “off”. Then simply lock the light with 4 clicks when you want the switch to turn off.

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It is probably this: A 3D printed one

You can google: q8 thingiverse
You will find a diffuser but not this one.

BTW: The thread “What did you mod today” is one off the few which is worth to be read from the beginning

(And make notes while reading you won’t find it again)

As a bedside lamp, lockout ain’t good. :frowning:

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You could swap the settings. That way, normal “off” would have a dark button and lockout “off” would be illuminated. Or you could have them both dark. Or one high and one low, or both high or both low.

If it helps at all, lockout mode also functions as a momentary moon mode, which can be handy in the middle of the night. I find it useful when I wake up and want to see something without getting blinded.

Or maybe quick access to blinding turbo is desired? Is this an “in case of intruder” thing?

I probably just don’t understand your use case or what problem is being solved.