FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I’d take FB4 now.

As there are currently no sources of small quantities of F A/D 1/4, I would buy several more later if it came out with those emitters.

Definitely the FB4.

4000k 95CRI

I have a D4S with mixed 4000k and 3000k SST-20. I’m really pleased with the result! I believe TK has the ultimate mix in her D18, though.

In for 3 if still taking reservations.

Excellent news! I can’t wait to swap rosy Nichias into my FW3A. :partying_face:

You’re very welcome! :+1:

Thank you for the pics of the latest prototype.

I have Andúril on eleven lights, but I might try your DarkHorse UI on the FW3A since it will accompany the two or three ZebraLights I carry daily.

I don’t have that one updated to work with three channels, but I could do that if people are interested. It’s just not something anyone has really expressed interest in before, so it hasn’t had any meaningful updates since I first created it in 2017.

Don’t go to any trouble on my account, it was just an idea I was toying with.

ZebraLight’s UI is very polarizing, but I really like it for EDC lights. I prefer Andúril for my flooders and throwers.

Next month is the 7-year anniversary of my first ZebraLight, and now I own six. My first was an H51w, and it still works great. It’s been getting lots more use since I put a rosy 219B in it two years ago. :partying_face:

Does your H51 get any use nowadays? I remember your ZL tips & mods thread from long ago. :slight_smile:

Put me in for 2, please.

I’ve been meaning to update it for a long time… I just haven’t had a reason to prioritize it. Then again, I have a lot of things to do at the moment, so it might still be a while.

Not really, but my H52Fw does. :slight_smile:

Yes, the list is still open.

However… notifications will probably go out very soon so there isn’t much time left to get on the list.

I’ll do one last update before I send messages out, but when I start the notification script, the list will be closed.

People who put in their requests early should be able to order first. So I’m trying to figure out a way to make that feasible. One idea is to space out the notifications over time, so people higher on the list will have time to order before people lower on the list get notified. I could, for example, make it take a couple days to get all the way through the list. I’d start the script and just leave it running for a couple days until all ~1500 people get the notification.

Does that seem fair?

Also, it needs to start at the same time on both BLF and TLF. So we’re trying to schedule that.

Yes, it does.

Seems like a good system to me :+1:

Sounds fair - if staggered over a few days it’ll definitely give people time.

I wonder if us hi-cri folks will be pre-ordering or waiting with coupon/code until they are ready to ship?
And hopefully with a non-bunny switch button.

I’m still not sure. Neal might add SST-20 to the order page, but if so, it’ll probably still ship later than XP-L HI. How much later? I have no idea.

The pic a few posts ago shows a whole batch of non-bunny buttons.

+1 … Sounds very fair.

Since there will be different led versions I assume we will not have to purchase all we signed up for at once. Any idea how long our codes will work, if that is how it is handled?

I just figured all those had xp-l hi installed in them already.

interested in an xpl-hi one