FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Yeah…… I’m glad they did not glue it though. :+1:

Took five minutes to make the replacement part, an hour and a half to post photos.

I took out one security bit from the set, it’s marked CR-V4
In this fuzzy close-up, you can almost see it’s got an outer rim and a cup in the middle, for “security” screws.

I took the lid from a drink bottle and used the bit and a hammer to punch through the lid. You see the hole in the lid. That didn’t work, because the nubbin was then stuck inside the bit’s end. I had to dig it out, which destroyed it.
On the second attempt, I drove the bit almost all the way through the lid, so the nubbin was still attached to the lid, then cut the nubbin from the lid.
You can see the second punched hole, but some plastic remains, and the nubbin is still attached to the lid, ready to be cut loose.

The third photo shows the new nubbin in place on the rubber boot. Also the bit’s numbers.
Over to the left side is the first nubbin that got torn up.

Seems to work really good. Been trying to get it to fail for half an hour now, clicking away, still good.

wow - great job. That was the first FW3A repair job I have seen.

Looks like a bit from the Xiaomi Wiha Kit :laughing:

Did not pay for shipping and my tracking is working! Cant wait to get mine!

That sounds about right…. :smiley: . :+1:

Nice work too!! :beer:

You might want to post this on the FW3A Troubleshooting Thread. It’s a safe bet you won’t be the only one to loose a nubbin. :wink:

No, it’s a cheapo chinesium bit, had to run it on the wire wheel to see the letters clearly. I’ve got a couple hundred pounds of knipex tools, and a few Wera bits, but don’t have any Wiha as of yet.

I think soon I’m going to get out the blue permatex thread locker for this tailcap… not the red. The blue will give me some chance of opening it again later.
This light should only be opened from the head.

Teacher: Will do.

They looked so familiar…

Good deal… it will help others I’m sure. :wink:

Both of mine had a card in it that says:

Insert Battery from the head

Have fun with your light

Thanks for the great news. It looks like it will happen sooner than I expected.

Sooooo I will have to order again?
Or can we add it to the existing order?

I would imagine order again. It would create all kinds of problems adding to an order I imagine.

Of course Neal is the one to answer this question. These are just my guesses. :wink:


Is the FD2 tint confirmed?

As past experience with SST-20 tint demands show, no tint is confirmed until BLF members receive their flashlight and found it to be as planned.

I was thinking that the FW3A needed a touch of Industrial raw-ness……like it was meant to be… :innocent:

. Black coated clip :confounded: ….has got’s to go……blasted clip is cool, but it’s missing something….


. it needs a bit of Road Rash and in time… Oxidation :smiley:

looks so cool - your creation is excellent.

Much much better :+1:

@KB—Would it be difficult to also strip the non-knurled part of the tail cap? I think that would look even awesomer! Great job, BTW. :+1:

Because of social reasons, community reasons, and logistics reasons. It’s not a good fit for the way BLF’s big light projects work.

I’m just quoting this for, um, … posterity. :wink:

Please don’t announce things which aren’t confirmed. Nobody knows when or even if it’ll happen… not even Neal.

What we know is: A SST-20 4000K version might be released next week. Or it might not.

@Toykeeper, do you think I’d say something like that without any certainty?

I’ve been offered a light for review from someone that said the SST-20 version of the light would be released next week.