FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

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I haven’t looked at this thread in some time. Nice to see this project coming along. I actually feel the new design is preferable. I understand the minimalist style and appreciation of the original and like it too but these pics above seem more appealing to me. I like the clip too. The clip on my Manker E14 makes me worry because it “clips” onto the light as well (I just feel like it could accidentally push out/unclip when hanging on my waist). This FW3A looks like a good EDC or ‘go to’ light for me.

Thanks to the members picking up the slack from Miller’s absence :+1:

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I keep hearing about The Miller’s ‘absence’… Where did he go??

Interested in one please

Question for those that use a pocket clip… do you put the light inside your pocket with only the clip showing outside or the opposite of that? To me it makes no sense to have the flashlight outside the pocket where it could get snagged and ripped off the clip, lost or broken. My son-in-law carries his X6 with the light outside, or used to, back when he used it frequently during his night shift.

In the same sense that a folding pocket knife with a clip goes inside the pocket, displaying only the clip, I carry a small flashlight clip out, light protected inside the pocket.

Lights and knives, I use them inside the pocket and pocket clip on the outside, either on the jeans or the jacket :wink:

I used to like clips until I realized carrying the light inside the pocket defeats the purpose of a clip. Maybe they should be called belt clips? Today I find a clip useful in a flashlight if it’s reversible so I can use it as a headlamp on a cap brim

To my way of thinking, the clip keeps the light up at the edge of the pocket ready for a quick grab and also away from loose change and keys and such. If the clip were to get hung up and ripped off the light, the light would merely fall into the pocket. So the clip is just a way to keep the light close to hand, ready to grab if and when needed.

I carry lights inside my pocket with the clips showing outside.

I can comfortably pocket carry lights up to the size of an X6 in most of my pants and shorts.

While hiking, I wear a floody headlamp and use a thrower when looking for a landmark or trail.

I frequently clip an X6 to my backpack’s shoulder strap or outside the breast pocket of my shirt or vest, but very rarely outside my pants pocket. Seems risky. :slight_smile:

This light will be small enough to clip into a chest pocket of a light jacket, making it readily available and safer from damage, yet still a true powerhouse of surprising proportion! :slight_smile: As for me, I’m ready for this to go ahead and get here… getting antsy enough for it am thinking about making my own. lol (wouldn’t be as refined of course, but it’d keep me busy til this arrived. :smiley: )

Exactly! The clip keeps the light vertical and easy to retrieve from a pocket.

The only time this has failed me is while exiting a vehicle. On two occasions, the seatbelt snagged my EDC’s clip and pulled the light out of my pocket. Luckily I noticed right away. :smiley:

Not sure i got added to the list, could you put me down for 2 please?

The Miller runs a bed and breakfast in France and had a lot of repairs and work to do on his property as winter approached which took a lot of this time. Then he took ill for a couple of weeks and got behind on the three group buys that he was running simultaneously. On the GT thread alone there were 1800 new posts in 3 weeks. I personally think that he got a taste of what it’s like to not be weighed down by all the stuff on blf. It’s refreshing. Lol

Around Christmas time he posted back that he was feeling better and was going to try and catch up on all the threads, but he never did. We told him not to try that as it’s too much work and we would give him notes of the important stuff. That way he could just join back in. Then he dissappeared again. He seems to be just living life with his wife and son. I can’t blame him for that.

He’s not on social media, but his wife is, and everything seems to be okay with him.

You can find every flashlight related 3D printed stuff in my sign. You can download and print them. Most of them are not will be perfect fit at first time because every printer has different accuracy especially the cheap ones so maybe you need to print some and adjust scale for perfect fit.

I wonder when the FW3A will go on sale. 3 months? 6 months?

Great, thanks a lot!

Thanks for responding. It’s good to know and I didn’t want to come across nosy. He’s just a big part of the forum and it’s good to know he’s ok. Glad he’s taking time with his family. He’s been so freakin’ busy with some HUGE group buys lately; sounds like a healthy choice.

Thanks again for filling me in.

He has done A LOT. I wish him the best, and hope he returns in whatever capacity, whenever he is ready. How would would keep up with his wife on social media, if it is okay to ask?

Usually I have no pockets. However, a light can be clipped to a purse or, when wearing an outfit with more than one piece, at the waist.

For example: