FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I’d like to be added to the interest list as well please. Thanks!

Put me down for 2 please!!! :+1:


I’m in for one unit.


interested in 1 :slight_smile:

Put me down for one please

G'Day The Miller & fritz15,

I have probably missed it being said, but could you Please let me know who is the manufacturer, and through which shop it will be sold?

Thank you Very Much,


Not yet but when it is talked through it will be posted of course

Would like to voice my vote for Nichia 219C instead of the XPG3s if possible.

Put me down for one anyway though.

Please count ole RicFlair in for ONE.

Thanks for all the hard work and efforts put in to this project.

Beautiful light. Please put me down for one…

One please

Sounds great, put me down for one, please. Thanks to Zak for pointing me here from r/flashlight.

I’m interested. Please add me to the list.


Interested in 1.
Thanks for all the great work!


After talking to a friend about how awesome this looks can you put me on the list for TWO please rather than one. I’m sitting at #157.


Welcome to BLF

list updated

Welcome to BLF!

In for 1, thanks

I am interested as well, please add me to the list!

Add me please