FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Great analysis Zmoose! :smiley:

I am really excited about this light. Any way you can post dimensions?


Thank you for showing us that the keyboard is mightier than the M16.

Post #1 says 94.8 × 25.5 mm. There are also size comparison pictures.

I’m #27 on the list, I’d like to request another light please. Thank you.

I’d like to be on the list for two lights if there is availability still? Thank you

Love the new prototype! Looks great!!! :+1:

The new prototype looks big. Hope that’s an illusion. How come there’s prototypes being sent out randomly but no actual communication?

The prototype’s pretty much the same size as the last one. Neal’s just got a talent to find unflattering angles :smiley: As soon as we get it in our hands we’ll post some more pictures and details.

I think that is just an optical illusion. I thought the same thing when I first saw that picture above. :smiley:
The below is taken from the first post & gives a very good size comparison photo.

The FW3A

Small elegant EDC triple flashlight designed by Fritz15
Runs on a single 18650 battery.
94.8 × 25.5 mm

First prototype:

Size reference:

Proto 1 (post 1) vs Proto 2 (M4DM4X picture above)

It looks like the main external design difference between 1 & 2 is the addition of a small taper in front of the tailcap on #2.

I totally agree!! :+1:

But, since fritz15 designed this light, I’ll be good with whatever he gives the final OK on.

But, that being said… the proto with taper is nice!! :slight_smile:

Still like Fritz’ original design best (taper schmaper :stuck_out_tongue: )

FWIW, a few notes about the LT proto2 photos:

  • The person holding the light has small hands, so the light appears bigger than it really is.
  • M4D M4X doesn’t have a prototype… or tiny hands. :stuck_out_tongue: Neal got excited and sent pics to several people.
  • The photos seem to be taken from up close where there is a lot of perspective distortion, which makes it look weird.
  • The finish looks pretty odd in the photos, so we’re waiting to see it in person. Maybe the final product won’t be anodized, or maybe it’ll have more traditional anodizing, but … hopefully it won’t look like today’s unflattering photos.

With any luck, proto2 should show up soon for testing, hopefully with the internal changes completed as requested.

Alright, I’m gunna bite. Put me down for 2 please!

I’m not bothered by the taper; I just don’t like this sort of finish. In an ideal world, it’d be the same sort of finish as the blf 348; of course this is a different thing.

What type finish is it?? Is it bead blasted or what…. I can’t tell.

The BLF-348 is bare steel. The FW3A is not steel, but it could potentially be bare aluminum depending on how things go.

I prefer natural anodize to bare aluminum.

I find bare aluminum transmits heat to my hand much faster than anodized aluminum. The result is hot-rodded high-lumen lights are much less practical. I have to ramp down earlier to avoid burning my hand.

If I had to say something about this, I would probably prefer an anodized version instead of bare aluminium! But let’s see how things evolve :wink:

It’s good to have these updates :+1:

OK, thank you TK. :+1:

Like I said earlier, I am good with whatever it turns out to be.

A preference is clear anodized…. but certainly not a deal breaker in any way if it is not. It would not even bother me if it had a lightly blasted finish. :wink:

I’m easy to please on this one……… :smiley: