FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Please add me to the FW3A Flashlight list for 1 each.

Fritz15 explained this, but I still can’t quit laughing about KB’s comment…
It is quotable!!! :smiley: . :smiley:

As well as applicable to so many different situations in life…… :wink:

O. K.

Personally I think the tapering looks fantastic. Very futuristic!

Put me down for 3 please.

I can not enter http://www.taschenlampen-forum/

It has been down since 2018-05-25, for some sort of server updates. I haven’t seen it working since before then. All I get is a HTTP basic auth popup I don’t have a login for.

Thank you very much TK

Thanks Fritz and TK for the update. Looking great (just get the surface finish correct please), and pleased to hear that it is still a Fritz design.

Personally I am most impressed with DEL’s driver, which I think is a triple channel design (please correct if wrong) with linear regulation for all except the turbo FET mode, which is very neat, efficient, and should perhaps be emphasised more. Quite a jewel to fit into this, with E-switch as well. I don’t think anything else comparable exists.

As for the “potato” pictures, here’s Fred and Ginger’s take on it:

IMO: both look good, tapered & non-tapared.

For frequent clip users the tapered one will surely function better :cowboy_hat_face:

No argument there… they both look great!! As well as what you said about the clip use. :wink:

This light is going to get a lot of use, I appreciate the taper under the clip.
I used to just let them bounce around in the bottom of my pocket, a straight light across a curved leg looked like I was carrying a roll of quarters all the time.
Gunga convinced me to start using a clip and now it’s a deal-breaker for my EDC. Hands get dirty at work and I can just slip out my clipped light with 2 fingers without dirtying up my pants.
It’s a little thing, but when it’s dragging out of your pants 20x a day the wear adds up.

The design looks similar to HDS but a fraction of the cost, moddable, native 18650 support, and comes with an even better UI. (IMHO)
I’ve been a fan of HDS, Liteflux, and Novatac because of the flexibility programmable lights offer and, more importantly, they have onboard battery protection.
It’s probably irrational for onboard protection to be such an issue for me, but fewer points of failure and not having that strip of doom going down the side of my battery eases my mind.
With any luck this will be the first in a whole lineup of lights like this. One for all of the li-ion battery sizes!!

I like this design.
Oh! Fritz first design, well
Now I, see it better.

You know, I just realized that this is likely the same size as an hds that uses cr123 batteries!

I just sold my hds rotary. That should give me enough $ to buy about 5 of these!

Yes, it is about the same size as some older CR123-based lights. I see 94.0 x 25.4 mm listed for the HDS Rotary CR123, and the FW3A is 94.8 x 25.5 mm. So almost identical size, but it uses 1x18650 instead of 1xCR123. Much greater battery capacity and much higher maximum brightness.

This light is the perfect size and the added bonus of how programmable the driver is, think this might find a new home in my pocket.

I would like to get in on this and order 2.


For maximum brightness, use a large rubber band to bundle all 5 of your FW3As together…… 15,000 lumens in the palm of your hand!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some questions about the LH351D…

  • Is it available in high CRI 5000K, or only warmer?
  • How does the beam look in a 10511 optic?
  • How many lumens / candelas does it get in a 10511 optic?

More generally, I’m trying to fill in a comparison table accurately. Any corrections or extra info would be helpful.