FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

What he said…

I’m interested in one, thanks.

Neither the 219C nor the LH351D come in 4500K. Both come in 4000K and 5000K.

I’d be pretty happy with 4000K, 5000K, Samsung or Nichia as long as it’s 90 CRI. If Cree made a 90 CRI, neutral white XP-L HI, I’d be happy with that too (I have a shaved 4500K 90 CRI XHP70 and it’s pretty nice).

Will it accept a protected cell? I mean one with built in charger. :wink:

Interested in 2, thanks!

that is an outstanding poll, and the beam comparison photo went a Loooong way to allay fears that the floodier beam would not have enough throw.

the detailed voting tally is an extremely useful way to visualize different members preferences and priorities

so far the majority, 58%, prefer the High CRI LH351D over the Low CRI XP-L Hi

I must admit I am suprised, as I though based on the Vocal Minority comments that the XP-L would be the favorite

It renews my faith in the possibility that the FW3A project will produce a High CRI light option.

Indeed, it is bizarre to have two polls simultaneously, one for CCT, the other for emitter choice/CRI.

Unless it is a student project to garner some theoretical data to be written up for finals.

Make it real, i.e. the actual possible choices. One poll.

Otherwise I will have to get my head around how to vote tactically for what I want (4000K Samsung, or Nichia, though I don’t really want a Nichia but it seems to have a cult following based on past history when that’s all that there was)

I think it’s more a known quantity thing. I can buy a Jaxman or Emisar with a 219C (and I have), so I know I like those. I’ve read reviews of the Samsung, and I would like to try one, but until and if the FW3A is available with a Samsung, I have to learn how and get the equipment to reflow emitters just to try one. That’s a big commitment for some of us. Well, I couldn’t find any MCPCBs with Samsungs already soldered last time I looked. That could have changed.

To be fair, that tree is only like 10 meters away. I find the floodier option not to be very useful outdoors, because the foreground is always so much brighter than the target. So I plan on having XP-L HI in mine, even if I have to swap the emitters. Maybe I’ll pay an extra $20 to get a MCPCB pre-made from Mtn, but I’d rather just pay an extra $6 and not have to solder anything.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many Condorcet voting services which can do more than one question in the same poll, and I haven’t found a survey site which has good voting systems. So it’s really awkward to gather two preferences at once.

It could be done by multiplying the options, but that would make an awfully long ballot with 30+ candidates for each person to rank.

I would like 2 please.

I’m interested! Please add me to the list.

I’m interested. Please put me down for one. Thanks.

Please sign me up for 2 ea. FW3A flashlights.

Heres a thought that has the potential to double the sales,
offer the FW3A with a choice of both the 4000k LH351D, and the 5000k XP-L Hi.

Some people who would not have bought the Floody 4000k High Cri LED, could buy the throwier and cooler Low CRI option, and vice versa.

Plus, some people will buy both.

I predict there will be no Titanium version (thats a dare).

I’m down for 2, and 1 each of those sounds good, maybe 4500 for the warmer one.

That has been mentioned before. If it can be done / accomplished, I can’t see that it would be anything but a win-win for all involved.

Cause your right I think…. no matter which way it goes there will be people who will not buy this great light because of the emitter preference, as you mentioned above. :frowning:


that was not one of the choices I gave
here is why

however, I expect some people will swap in N219b 4500k

yes, and that would be unfortunate. I hope most will find a way to have the LED swapped to the flavor of their choice.

fwiw, Some modders have stock of exotic LEDs that can be had for a nominal fee. I sometimes choose modders based on whether thy have an LED I want, and Ive recently had mods done by both Texas_Ace (4500k N219b), and Clemence (2000k E21A quad). I recommend both of them.

Your FW3a’s could be drop shipped to the modder of your choice, and you could end up with a grail LED for less than half the cost of an HDS

Both 219b and e21a are pretty much not usable on a fet light.

I have some 219b FET lights. The tint isn’t as good on direct-drive modes, but it doesn’t generally have problems otherwise. On a FET+N+1 like this, it could work pretty well. The highest regulated mode would be only about 800 lm though.