FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

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How many flashlights do you want in total? … x … units? .

Okay, sorry about that!

I would like 1 possibly 2 depending on final price. Thanks

A lot has been said about the taper, finish (or lack of), optics, and emitters and everyone seems like they’ve said what they wanted to say. Haven’t seen a whole lot about the UI and wanted to add:
At this price point I’d buy the light if it was shaped like a turd, had a cool emitter, and had a lousy optic. The most exciting part of this light IMHO is this amazing interface.
Excited about Candle, Sunset, Beacon, LVP, User configurable ceiling (Yes!!), and pretty much everything about it. Toykeeper went all out for this to be special, thank you for your hard work!
This is the stuff or >$100 lights. What’s gonna happen at CPF when this thing pops up as THE light to buy? Should be interesting.

I use beacons at work to remind me that there is another process going on that I need to check occasionally.
Sunset and Candle will be for for bedtime. Not good to sleep with illumination on, this will be nice for winding down.
I’ll even have fun with Lightning storm and Party Flasher when the grandkids come over.
I am more impressed by longer runtimes than max output so I’ll happily set the Ceiling to ~300 lumens.

Anyone else have any use scenarios or plans for the new UI?

bansuri wrote:

  • At this price point I’d buy the light if it was shaped like a turd, had a cool emitter, and had a lousy optic.
  • Toykeeper went all out for this to be special, thank you for your hard work!

Amen to those two statements my friend!!! :+1: . You nailed it.

The first one is ‘famous BLF quote material’ in my book too…. :smiley: . :smiley:

You’re right, Andúril is awesome. It has totally spoiled me. :smiley:

I’ve been using Andúril since last September when ToyKeeper first released it. I now have it running on the Emisar D4, D1, and D1S, three Q8s, a GT, a swapped X6R, and a swapped Meteor.

Muggle mode is one of my favorite features because I love sharing my lights. It’s great to lend someone a high-powered light without worrying they will burn/blind themselves, enter setup or strobe, or otherwise get confused or frustrated. I click six times to enter muggle mode, hand them the light and say, “Click to turn it on and off. Hold to change the brightness.”

Momentary mode is great for hiking. I wear a headlamp on a low or medium mode and keep a D4 on a high-ish momentary mode. Perfect for a quick look around when reaching a clearing or looking for a landmark. Momentary is cancelled only by disconnecting power, which means no sequence of clicks will accidentally exit it.

Beacon mode has adjustable brightness AND adjustable interval. :+1:

I set the ramp ceiling at turbo-50 on my Nichia D4. This is plenty bright for most of my needs, and won’t heat up in just seconds. Turbo is still only a double click away.

Adjustable frequency party strobe mode is fun. I froze a fan’s motion the other day. Tactical strobe is adjustable too, in case you want to try to make yourself sick. :smiley:

Lockout also acts as a momentary mode set at a low level. Very handy.

I’m excited for Andúril to be installed on a factory built light so that lots more people can enjoy it.

TL;DR: Andúril = amazing. ToyKeeper = genius.

Teacher, it’s true! Who among us hasn’t bought a light that looked great, had our favorite emitter, but the UI was lame? I’ve always thought “I’ll adapt” but wind up giving them away.
I’ve adapted to the Skilhunt H03 UI because I use headlamps differently than pocket lights.
Wouldn’t want it on an EDC.
I’m so stoked about this UI I’m slowly trying to figure out flashing attiny chips so I can put it on some other lights.
The bonus with this light is that it most certainly does NOT look like a turd and won’t have lousy emitter/optic combo.
When I got a ZL SC62d it almost killed the hobby for me because it is such a great light.
I predict this light may slow down my purchases but the UI and the prospect of putting it on other lights and lanterns opens up a whole new branch of the hobby. I used to have a blast doing emitter swaps but that has died down since it’s become pretty simple to buy a light with a decent emitter.
Thanks again to all involved!

Edit: thanks for those details goshdogit! Those little things appeal to me. I hear from non-enthusiast “it’s just a flashlight” but these “little” things turn it into a Versatile Lighting Tool which really does let you do so much more than a flashlight and do it with a sophistication and accuracy that cannot be replicated by a light you’d get off a pegboard display at a hardware store.

/\ …. Exactly bansuri… well said again!! . :+1: . :slight_smile:

I agree with you both.

1 for me .Thanks

Your a wise man Frank. :+1: . On this one anyway… :smiley: . :smiley:

please add me to the interest list for one. I would also like to know how you create the auto generated interest list.

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the hard work and effort.

Can’t stand on the fence anymore… The 2nd prototype photos and the specs SOLD me!!

Please add me to the interest list for one also… Thank you.

Interested for one.

Interested in one


Pleas add me to the list for one.

I put him for one.
If you want more, please: publish it.

I’m interested in 1 please.

Well, this thread took a somewhat embarrassing turn. I’m glad people like it though. :slight_smile: