FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

i’m in for 1

Will there be any space for trits in this light?

From previous post I read, it does not have extra material to fit any

Well, you could use some of these drilled optics from azhu in his WTS thread.

Would there be enough material in the tail switch to put a slot for a trit (like the reylights)?

Answered here.

Was there an updated rendering anywhere buried in the thread?

If not, based on the original rendering in post one, the tail button is around 2mm thick. That would require a person modding the light to take quite a bit of care cutting the slot for a 6mm x 1.5mm tritium vial to sit flush without breaking through.

The thick part of the tailcap surrounding the button is about 4mm x 4.5mm, so that’s a potential location.

The shoulders on either end of the body tube are about 2.5mm x 3mm.

Maybe a number of smaller tubes? Fasttech has even 2x0.5 mm. Or 6.6x0.65.

Ok. I’ll just get trit optics then. Thanks for the info.

Toykeeper’s info about the driver (with the upgraded 7135 chips)!just blows me away. This is shaping up to be amazing. I’m putting my money where my mouth is too, I’m signned up for three!

Hi, I'm listed as being down for four (4) lights, but I only asked for two (2). I've only ever made one request post for two (2). See my history, it's pretty short.

(Not sure what happened. I had to double-check this to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. )


Hey, darrylo, you ordered four (4) flashlights.
Check it out, click on the links
See Post: #1250, page 42, : Tue, 09/05/2017 .
The Miller gave him number 588 and 589 on Interest List. TK moved it to 586 and 587 See Post # 4, Page 1 .
See Post: #2132, page 72, Wed, 01/10/2018 .
pepinfaxera gave him number 931 and 932 on Interest List. T.K. left him at 931st and 932nd on the List of Interest See Post # 4, Page 1 .

If it was a mistake, no problem.
I’ll take two from you.
I’ll give you two, numbers 586 and 587.

So… Opened the 200+ new post, and accidentally closed it, and then lost track where I left off.

Read the 5 or so newest pages.

Was there a decision on anodizing? How about emitter and temp? Or at least what emitter and temp was most voted for?

Sorry, try to avoid these types of posts, but made a stupid mistake of putting off catching up on the thread and allowing 200+ posts to go by, and closed it by accident when I did get around to checking it…

No anodizing decision yet.

No emitter decision yet.

You can see the poll results on post #1.

It looks like 5000K temp and xpl-hi is most popular.

Sounds good to me
Saw someone posted they don’t care about anno, so wasn’t sure if more was talked about it or not.

Put me down for one please!!!

I'm in for 1!

Quick question, will this light have a beacon function (a single flash a couple of second apart)?

Beacon: Blink once every N seconds at the last-ramped level. N is configurable.
Check out this post: FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public - #3 by FW3A_Team
Yes is the short answer, but you can see the rest of the functions there.
Also link to development thread:E-switch UI Development / FSM


Thanks for the confirmation and info :+1:

Please count me in for 1, can’t beat the price and what you get.