FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Thank you!

damn ,haven’t been on BLF for quite awhile due to my service but its nice to see the FW3A is moving along nicely , could i please get another light added to my current position at 185 to a total of 2 fw3a’s. Thank you :smiley:

It’s moving along? Did I miss something?

Yeah, you missed “haven’t been on BLF for quite awhile due to my service” :stuck_out_tongue:

Emitter and temp polls were completed a while ago and there has been discussion with the manufacturer about them IIRC.

Another post 2 or 3 weeks ago said things are starting to wrap up from the sound of it.

I jest, still can’t believe after 15 months they haven’t sent out a prototype for approval yet :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve sent 2 different ones so far. IIRC

I must have missed that, were there problems? If not, why aren’t these being mass produced?
We only just decided via polls the popular tints and LED’s, have they done a prototype since then?

All this info is in post 1.

First proto was just before Xmas last year. Be nice to have this in production before this Xmas :TIRED: :FACEPALM:

There’s much more to releasing a product like this than simply having a prototype. Not to mention, they just got the results from the polls like you said, and there will be work testing, deciding on and sourcing the emitters.

They’re trying to do something about wear on the inner tube which could result in the button input becoming constantly in the pressed state.

Please put me down for 1 light

1 light please and thanks.

Please put me down for one, thank you!

Put me down for one please.

Oh, hey, haven’t seen you around for ages. I hope things have been going well.

I’m way behind on the interest list, but hopefully I can update the main list soon. Pepinfaxera is doing most of the work there, which is very helpful.

Count me in for 2, please. Thanks!

edit: count me in for

I’m pleased you even remember me. I’m back and still craving the impossible. As for the wait, it’s not a problem and I appreciate the heads-up.

Put me down for 2.