FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I’m in for one warm white

Come on. How about harmless and clean nuclear fusion powerplants.

No kidding. The FW3A will arrive before the landing on Mars. Unless the latter is done by Elon Musk e.a.
Red tape at NASA is so time consuming that when the construction of the craft is competed they get a warning from Bill Gates that the installed OS is no longer supported.

You are not fair.
You are not right.
It is not humor, it is a negative opinion that can discourage others.
But now that next production is announced.

I would like to be in for one, please.


In the next update, it will be included in the “pepinfaxera List”.

Then, ToyKeeper copied the pepinfaxera list and pasted it in the General List Post#4 pague 1.

This: will be done when it is done.

Edit : You are at number #1479, Primary Interest List, (main): See Post # 4, Page 1 .

How many flashlights do you want in total? … x … units?

I definitely want to be on the list for one

I am currently on the list for 2 lights (#1466 and #1567). I would like to stay on the list, but only for 1 light total. Can you please remove one of my requests? Pepinfaxera, thanks so much for your management of this! It’s much appreciated.



Has the LED been selected yet? I trawled through all the posts a while back, but kind of forgotten what the result of the survey was. I not it’s not a popular choice, but personally I prefer the cool whites.

hehe, thanks for that, I needed a chuckle…

At the time the Poll results were sent to Lumintop, the XP-L HI was leading the Samsung as first choice.

“Popular choice” or not…. I too prefer the cooler side of NW. :+1:

Yes, I have one now. There is good news and bad news.

The good news:

  • It fits, and is tight.
  • It is very sturdy.

The bad news:

  • It is too transparent, so the light comes out unevenly. More light out the front, not enough out the sides.
  • It diffracts light like a prism, so the forward-emitted light is yellow and the side-emitted light is blue… even with a good emitter inside, like a Nichia 219B.

So it’s not ideal. But it does at least work.

I may have missed it, but are the optics user replaceable?

Hmmmmm, they should be.

A Carclo 10511 is being used. So unless things are glued together it should be replaceable.

BUT, if I happen to be wrong….
……I am positive this statement will be corrected. :smiley::wink:

Can I get on the list please?

You have asked some posts ago, but the list hasn’te been updated yet! pepinfaxera will do that and add your name! Please be patient :wink:

Yes, it is meant to be easy to change the optic. It uses a standard cheap optic which is available in a few different varieties.

Thank you teacher and ToyKeeper!

** My pleasure…. :+1: . **