FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

First, thanks ToyKeeper and pepinfaxera, without both of you these would be quite messy by this time :blush: You should get free lights!! Just saying!!

About the options above, I would say this:

Goodness TK, sifting through all of those posts like that. Even if you scripted something to help, its pretty amazing.

I vote XPL-HI now. Ive seen so many green LH351s that im totally turned off by them unless we can guarantee a rosy tint. Ill buy 1-2 4k XPL-HIs right now if theyre offered at the estimated prices.

My vote is for:

Make the XP-L HI model now, and do the LH351D lights later.

How much longer would it take to start manufacturing the Samsung led version if they start making the xpl hi first?

Given the different tint preferences by everyone I’m imagining there will be a lot of emitter swaps happening anyway.

So option 1 or 3 is good

My vote is for:

Make the XP-L HI model now, and do the LH351D lights later.

I don’t mind waiting another 6 weeks and get the product like it was supposed to be but on the other hand I do like 4k XP-L HI so I’d probably get both :slight_smile:
As I’ve got mercy for my wallet I’d say let’s wait :wink:

What is planned for the LEDs?
Two choices
Samsung 4000K and
Hi ~5000k ?

Four choices
4000K and ~5000K on both LEDs?

My vote is for either option 2 or 3.

Getting excited now, please put my name down for one more! (request# 1460, total now = 2)

I say start pumping out the HI versions and start building the better tint ones when they arrive. This project has potential to create the nearly ideal edc 18650 light. I’d hate to have a less than stellar tint and start wondering about modding it right off the bat.

Welcome in the house of the insane, Toykeeper.
Now we are two.

I did it a few posts earlier.

No emitter at all for me please… I’ll swap them anyway :person_facepalming:
That said, the XP-L HI will be pricier, so I’ll wait

Was that confirmed /defined already?
$30 is the price, and it was talked about the XPL-HI being slightly more expensive ($35 ?!) but I’m not sure if it was defined already!

Anyway, I will still get an XPL-HI :smiley:

Kinda, $30 NON-HI, ~$36 XP-L HI, not sure if it was confirmed though.

That’s my doubt too :stuck_out_tongue:

From Post#1:

As others have suggested, I think the better option is making the XPL HI lights now, and waiting for a better tint for the LH351D.

After all, only a few weeks is not a lot considering the span of the project, and it would be a pity to get such a special light and settling with greenish LEDs.

Remember. BLF-GT, agreed price + PayPal commission.

Shipping included (except some countries / destinations).

Suppose fw3a 30 / 36 shipping included + PayPal commission (except some destinations).

I personally haven’t decided which one I want but I ’d say option 3. So start making with XP-L HI now, do the LH351D with nice tint later.

I would agree that #3 is the best option. Get those xp-l hi lights out there!

Ideally for the 4 units i requested : 2x without emitters + 2x with LH351D far below BBL. I don’t mind an additional delay.
Start manufacturing the XP-L HI version ASAP.