FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Understand. Different people have different needs. I with you fun with this light. :slight_smile:

Depending on what “counts”, it might be. :slight_smile:

The Nitecore HC50 is 86mm long and has a 2-stage switch on one end… but it has the LED on the side instead of the head. It’s also 32mm wide, so that adds a lot of bulk.

I don’t think the FW3A is really meant to compete with a S2+ triple, but it could be seen as an alternative to a Sinner or Okluma or Oveready or other similar high-end light.

If someone wants a really small version with a side switch and a smaller battery, perhaps the Olight S Mini?

Nice TK!

And how could I have missed this, the diameter of the head allows the entire optics to shine, now check this:
The new Jaxman triple

S2+ triple

Now look at the cross section and see how tight yet smart the head is designed.

I see the FW3A as competition for the Convoy/Jaxman/etc… mechanical switch tube triples. I think it has two significant advantages over those:

  • I prefer well-designed e-switch UIs over anything that’s possible with a single mechanical switch. The main thing for me is shortcuts from off to various useful modes (no, almost every Chinese flashlight company ever, strobe is not a useful mode).
  • The mechanical switch is a current bottleneck and likely failure point. FET triples generally draw several times as much current as the switch is rated for. (Ok, so they often also draw several times as much current as the emitters are rated for, but that’s the fun part.)

And like the Convoys, it’s in the large-EDC size class, which is certainly how I plan to use mine. I’ll probably get several so I can match the emitters to my mood each day.

That’s 3% difference. It’s said that the difference in throw is higher, though there are no measurements. Nice to have, definitely. But not a big deal.

Yeah. I have ramping on clicky-switch lights now, and it’s nice, but Narsil is still better. There’s only so much which can be done when the switch physically cuts the power.

Agreed. I prefer e-switch UIs over clicky UIs.

Even the best clicky UI doesn’t compare.

I agree, I much prefer an e-switch compared to a conventional clicky.

Interestingly, Texas_Ace reported an around 10% increase. So probably it is somewhere in the middle. And well, even 3% are a lot of light if you are just shining it into the bezel.

Of course, if any owners of an S2+ really feel that strongly over the loss of lumens in the bezel, you can pretty easily correct it by widening the bezel opening with some sandpaper or a small curved file.

… or a lathe. :wink:

I much prefer a clicky mechanical switch with the option to reverse direction. This type switch has a more positive action that is less easily engaged accidentally. That said, I have over 100 flashlights currently and variation is a key to the continued interest in flashlights in general, so the ability to pass up on a custom designed BLF Special Edition light with the unique function of an electronic switch at the tail is simply beyond me. If it were made of Titanium it would be all that much more attractive as I’m just a devout addict where Ti is concerned. Sometimes brass does that to me to a degree and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to resist a well made solid copper light. I’m weak, I know.

Perhaps a CBT-140 could be put in something like this? I mean, you know, in contribution to the elitist side of things? Mayhap I will be burdened with trying…

… carry on. :smiley:

Me Too! :+1:

:person_facepalming: I’m so very weak, and fragile! :person_facepalming:


I’m interested! Is there an approximate lumen range now, and for me most importantly: is there a warm white possibility?

Completely and utterly disagree with suggestions for a smaller size and battery, you need an adequate run time in these types of lights, without it its just a “ooh look at this” light and not very useful for well, what a flashlight is for…walking in the dark with… I actually have some of the past BLF lights with the shortened tube option. Its interesting, kind of neat looking, but not useful really.

can you add me to the list for 2 lights?

One, two, one, two, and through and through
the vorpal list went snicker-snack.

Beware the luminous BanderFritz, my beamish boy.
The Miller shall make your day brillig…
… as soon as he’s done standing uffishly.

When I finally get my light, I’ll be sure to say, “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

I’ll also chortle in my joy. Just sayin’…

Hey I am just busy so can’t edit any start posts but cheerful ad ever!

Will update list later :wink:

Interested for 1! Thanks

Mr Miller I am in awe of your patience and your ability to keep up with the traffic on three separate blf special lights and the associated group buys. I imagine your hobby has morphed into a bit of a chore. The q8 thread alone has got to give you eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. I am glad that the blf has you around.

Haha thanks
Keeping up is not that hard, though now I need to do a lot so probably will do one thread lost per day.
It is the program of Mr.Scott that is doing the hard work if I make the core list, grouping for the mass pm and for the GT generating a proper list, that is both precise and not nice to do by hand.

AND core list updated!

interested in 1, will be my first triple.