FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Add me to the FW3Au list

Please put me down for one.

Au scratches pretty easily, but I’m sure the hand feel is nice, and the thermal conductivity is superb.

As a much harder alternative that also takes a very nice polish, how about an FW3WC (Tungsten Carbide)?

On the other end of the scale, the FW3Mg would be roughly 1/3 lighter than the FW3A, yet still has pretty decent thermal characteristics. Be careful around open flames, however.

FW3Au available for the low budget price of $15,000?

FW3Mg available… just make sure to avoid a battery short in the tube as it will get hot, HOT, HOT! :smiling_imp:

How long before FW3Be and FW3C?

The first FW3A has to be successful before there are thoughts of making other versions. The 3 preposed versions are brass, copper and titanium. Nothing else.

What…. :open_mouth: , no Au!! :person_facepalming: ……. I am devistated…… . :cry:

When will this be released?

Soon. No dates have been set.

I’m keen on the arrival of this.
Built my own triple xpl-hi in my A6 thats anodized blue today, worked out pretty well with home made copper spacer and a crude old soldering iron.

Sounds Nice! Pictures please.

Fritz15 hasn’t logged on in 6 weeks
Cawi hasn’t logged on in 7 weeks

How can we bypass them and get someone else to take over?

what do u mean, fritz is the guy who is doing this light no, why should someone else take over his work ?

But that wouldn’t be a F W3A anymore

Prob because time. No progress. No information from the man.
I made something similar with my bare hands in about 14hrs. What’s the hold up?
No wonder people are calling for mutiny! :smiley:

/\ … +1:+1: . Well stated CRX.

This is both amazing & disturbing… :open_mouth:

Hmmmm…… :wink:

Oh well…. maybe a name change to ‘f G W3A’. … :smiley:

  • f = Fritz
  • G = Ghost

fGW3A …… I kinda like it. :wink:

I got no idea how to load pictures here :person_facepalming:

Fritz15 did start this, but this project has been pretty much on hold waiting for him to give the “OK” since he received the second prototype back on JUNE 8, 2018. He hasn’t posted in this thread since JUNE 30, 2018. However, he does log in every few months, but never comments, doesn’t update, and very rarely responds to PM’s. Last I heard we were waiting for him to determine what needs to be fixed with the second prototype.

Cawi was supposed to get a second prototype as well, and he last posted AUGUST 20, 2018. I believe we have been waiting on his input for the second prototype as well.

It sounds like ToyKepper and maybe another member (teacher?) are the only ones keeping track of the thread and the sign-up list. I’d be happy to “mutiny” and appoint TK as Captain (if she is willing of course) :laughing:

At least SST-20 flavour of D4 is now available…

I checked over at TLF, Cawi hasn’t signed in there in 12 weeks 3 days. Fritz’s profile doesn’t say his last login. Our designers are MIA!