FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Great! As I see the progress with GT I think Lumintop is a good choice for this too. :+1:

I’m in.

Please add me to the list for one. Thanks

Great! The Lumintop’s I own only had to be opened out of curiosity and for fresh batteries.
The last BLF light I bought I can say the same of was the Eagle Eye. Still works like a charm.

In for one please.

Hello, please put me down for 2. Thanks!

I’d be interested in 1 please.

This is excellent news. I’m loving Lumintop these days!

I noticed I’m only on the list once, I asked for two but you may have missed it


In for 1, please.

In for three more because…… Flashlights!

Yeah Lumintop is on fire. Never had Lumintop lights so this is my chance and of course the BLF GT. :partying_face:

So how hard the triple XPGs are being driven?

Good choice. They’re not wasting any time on the GT.

That is great news! I really like my Lumintops, well made and well executed electronics so I have faith they’ll do this one justice…. Fritz has it laid out so sweetly all they have to really do is build it! :smiley:

Please put me down for TWO. Thanks!!

Now that the manufacturer is known to be lumintop I just can’t ignore this :smiley: , please put me on the list for one!

Definitely interested could you put me down for 2 please

I worry about myself sometimes. I see this thread and think it looks pretty. Go to say “put me down for one” but before I do check the want list and see I’m on there twice already.

Heh… still want two.

Since it’s lumintop, add 2 more

I’d like to be included also for 1

Please add me to the list for one.

And thank you for doing these BLF Specials. I really appreciate the hard work you’re doing to get us great lights at reasonable prices. My recently received S42 (yuck) reminded me how important good design and manufacturing are. I need to figure out how to get Narsil on that dumb thing.