FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Is it too late to still get one of these?

Not too late at all. They haven’t started production so just express your interest in this thread and you’ll eventually be added to the list.

In that case I want one.

Requesting to be added to the purchase list. Thank you.

Please add me to the list.

I’m seeing a lot of folks with single digit post counts asking to have their names on the list.

I think that’s great - this light is actually boosting membership to the ‘club’, and adding to the resource base of available knowledge as well as encouraging even more innovative BLF projects.

BLF never ceases to impress me.

(On the other hand, maybe we’re promoting an addiction, so there’s that!)

I’d actually prefer the SST-20 to the LH351D I’m on the list for, even without the wait.

I think most of the new members are just here to get a deal on a light. After that they will dissappear until the next deal pops up. Maybe a small percentage will start to read and learn more about flashlights. But hey, at least they all know that BLF exists and is a cool place to hang out. :partying_face:

No , that’s BS ,they really come on here to hangout with the cool kids like us :smiley:

I’m in!

2 please! Great looking light.

Add me to the list please.

I’m one of those single digit post counts you guys are talking about. I’ve been a lurker for a while, but use r/flashlights much more. I’d probably use BLF more, but my only internet access is my phone, and the site is rough for mobile browsing. I do already have a BLF Q8, and love the idea of lights that are actually produced based on what the community wants. If only we could get other industries to work with us like this. Seems like most industries insist on pushing features we don’t want, and not listening to what we actually do want. This thread specifically is amazing to me.

Please put me on the list for one!

I recently made a meme that depicts my BLF experience. It relates to your assertion.

Another lurker with only a couple posts here. I’ve had pretty much exactly the same experience as wheelgunwordslinger, actually.

Came from r/flashlight for the Q8, got a GT and some others too. Love that you guys work with manufacturers in these big group buys. I’ll be lurking around here for a while, I think.

You read it top to bottom? I started left to right. Maybe there is a way to make it clear?

Thanks for the meme mattadores, it does show my BLF experience if played in a never-ending loop :person_facepalming:


+1 . Great post mattadores!! :+1:
And soooo true…. :person_facepalming::money_mouth_face: