FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I think this one is an exception in that in many cases, possibly most, it will take over EDC duties from other lights.
Could be the first EDC light that combines very practical small size with 18650 power, rear switch to avoid accidental activation, and lots of nifty features to play with.
The side switch is the only reason the D4 is not my EDC, or it would be holding this spot.

One other advantage of making more lights are lower bulk prices.

Let’s just say the light costs 25$US(SST-20/LH351D) to make and ship at 1000pcs.

Well, the price could go down to 24$US if they are able to make 1500pcs, and 23,50$US at 2000pcs.

no this will actually be a handy light to have in your pockets.

LH351D still “sourceless’ , after the optics issue, the xpl-hi will proceed as planned, barring again another unforeseen circumstance.

As l previously said, let’s enjoy the lights that we HAVE in the meantime!


This. This right here. How do we get you in charge?

I’ll take a 3300K and 4100K XP-L HI and one of the terrible hi-CRI versions to swap in some 219B’s.

for all those that want the LH351D it seems the wait will be long until we hear anything they decide to do wait for those or change emitter to something else.

I would not hold my breath on the EVER seeing the LH351D in this light….how many Chinese made flashlights other than a couple of Zebralights are there with Samsung LH351D stock? - VERY few….

The BLF Lantern :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m on that list for 2 also….IF it ever happens to come true.

I mean, Barry did say they found a Samsung LH351D supplier.

So, that means a large company like Lumintop shouldn’t have any problems, right?

I think it stems from the fact that Samsung is South Korean (Racial & Cultural Animosity) and that Samsung does not have a LED plant(s) in China (Import duties? Prohibitions?)….

Lol Samsung, LG and all the other electronics producers in Korea wouldn’t be around if “cultural animosity” was a real issue and people somehow cared about it more than running a business. Where do you think most of their production (or assembly at least) is located?

yeah the only part that is confusing is that the emitter was confirmed ages ago… o well

:innocent: ‘Confirmed’ does not translate directly from Chinese to mean the same as ‘Confirmed’ in the ‘West’….

I’m interested in one.

So very true… :smiley: . :+1:

Most is by far in South Korea, I am surprised there is any in China.


Cultural and racial animosity is VERY much part of real life - Keeping, and/or losing face is a very big part of most Asian culture. Chinese - South Korean diplomatic relations BEGAN in 1992 - that is less than 30 years ago!

I assume you have not visited the Far East very much….as far as the people - China is not run by ‘the people’ if you have not heard…it is run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If they don’t want Samsung LH351D’s in Chinese manufactured flashlights - I’d be willing to bet that you would be ‘discouraged’ from putting Samsung LH351D LEDs in anything. Unless that was approved by the party either directly or indirectly. The tail does not wag the dog.

YMMV, of course. However, I can say that, at least for me, my other lights haven’t gotten much use since Dec 2017 when I got my first FW3A prototype.

It’s pretty crazy that things are taking so long to go to production though… that was 15 months ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a light be my primary EDC for that long before. Some have come close… the L3 L10-219 stuck around for a relatively long time. And if I count my Olight S1 Ti, S-Mini Cu, and S-Mini Ti as one light, I carried those for a long time too. But now I mostly just keep the FW3A on me, and I don’t really feel the need to bring anything else unless I think I’ll need a thrower. It’s a pretty good little general-purpose light stick.

But as stated, your mileage may vary. I’m biased, since I tend to like stuff I made (or helped make) more than I like off-the-shelf stock items.

Please add me to the list for 1 of each. Thanks all!