FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Possible to still get this at the discounted price? If so I’d like one with the XPL-HI in warm white

Please put me down for 1 XP-L HI and 1 SST-20 when available.

There hasn’t been much more discussion on this, but just a thought - the hole at the end of the clip might be used for manufacturing purposes (aligning in a jig, for example).

In for at least 1 maybe 2. Please!

Put me down for 1 please

I’m just commenting to get signed up for group buy. Thanks for producing a cool light. I will buy 1 maybe 2.

I would like in for one please. Very neat little light!

I just hope it doesn’t imply that people waiting for so long for this light has to wait another X months in case if Lumintop runs out of stock on the first batches due to the increasing number of interested people… That is market logic in case it happens, but I’d rather not have to wait more than it was supposed, and my first request is above the 500.

This said, maybe Neal, M4D M4X and Toykeeper (and eventually other people involved in the “from now on > order & buy” process or with relevant information about it) could communicate to uniformize the process and to let us know clearly how things will be done, avoiding speculation on the process. It is just a proposal.

And of course, thank you again to all the involved people in this process.
And don’t forget those that helped before (pepinfaxera included!!!)


I’m particularly interested in how it will work for those to want to wait for the SST-20’s. My concern is getting stuck not being able to get the group buy price, or having Lumintop run out of the bunny-less switches before the SST-20’s arrive.

Sign me up for one please!

In for 3 please.

I’m also concerned about this

In for at maybe 1 or possibly 2
Maybe I missed it but it would be great if the emitter can be selected during the checkout.

only xpl for now, but 2 choices of tints if thats what u mean ?

Add another one for me for CRI option, thanks!

yes, meant tint. But I am new on here and I wasn’t sure how the entire checkout process will happen (selection of light, address, paypal, tint, and so on).
I guess there will be something like a universal voucher for the people on this list.

If ordering will be done on Neals page u will be able select tint of your choice and add extra battery if u want that.

Cree XP-L HI 3D(NW) and Cree XP-L HI 7A(WW) LED

The FB4 is my tint of choice and are planned for both my FW3As so naturally i’d want Lumintop to install them as standard.

sign me up for one in NW

Maybe they can´t limit us, but I think it is common sense if they relase it for everyone at the same time to wait at least a day or so to let the first ones on the list to buy.
For me (I`m 1650 on the list), unless there is a controlled relase, will wait, I think that the first backers and the people organizing the project deserve it.

Just my thoughts, of course everyone is free to do whatever.