FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Sure, I’ll take 1.

Looks good! I’ll take one!

Do we wait for a PM or is there a code we use to order?

Can I get on the list for one with the SST-20?

I thought I had upped mine to 2 units.
If not too late please increase to 2 (two).
If not, no biggie. Thanks either way!

Unknown. No time soon. Nothing planned AFAWK.

If your on the list AND want discount wait for PM with the Code.

Sorry if I missed this earlier (nearly 300 pages to wade through now), but I noticed in the photos provided on Neal’s Gadgets site that there’s no branding or labeling on the light whatsoever. Is that just prototype images, or is this how the light will arrive? I do like the “clean” look, actually. If this is how it ships, will the SST-20 version have it too?

In for one XP-L HI
Thank you

Got it, thank you.

The first ~1000 or so lights for the GB (all with XP-L HI from what we know) will not have the Lumintop rabbit or any other branding that we know of. Since the SST-20 and/or LH351D versions are coming later I’d bet they will have some sort of branding like the public sale versions.

It is supposed to be clean, as a pretty insistent request of BLF.

For more information, click the “Search this thread” link at the top of the thread, and search for “bunny”. :smiley:

A picture is worth a thousand words!! :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: . :+1:

In for 2 please. Thanks!

Is the inner tube (signal carrier) stainless steel, raw aluminum, or anodized aluminum?

Apologies for yet another long multi-reply. A lot happened while I was sleeping.

I don’t know how long the codes will work.

I don’t think it was supposed to be visible yet; I thought he put the page up so we could check it for errors.

Me too. I hope it will be available soon for the $30 price we are expecting.

Exactly. I’ve got a board ready and waiting for a host to put it into. :slight_smile:

It’s on the list to bother Neal about when he wakes up.

No, there are some things which make that not work:

  • Implementing this requires cooperation from Neal, and I don’t think he’s willing to do things that way.
  • Anything which depends on “find out from Lumintop” has typically failed so far, since we don’t have a working line of communication.
  • The list does not track emitter type, so there is no way to match items built to notifications sent.
  • This all needs to be coordinated with TLF too, which makes everything more complicated.

So I think the plan is to allow everyone to order even if the items are not built yet. People who order sooner should receive items sooner, and people who are earlier on the list should get the notification first.

Yeah… that would be nice. Very often though, I don’t get information until everyone else does. :frowning:

For example:

Interesting. That’s news to me. You are still working with Neal on this, yes?

Yeah. I’m going to ask Neal again about sending one to pepinfaxera. And if he won’t do it for free, I’ll buy him one.

We also need to make sure a few other people are included:

  • Fritz, if we can contact him
  • Cawi, if we can contact him
  • The Miller, if we can contact him
  • DEL (I have contact info)
  • Tom E (is still active on BLF)

It should arrive with no branding or labels on the light itself. It is meant to be completely blank.

After the group buy, later versions will probably have Lumintop’s bunny logo on the tail button.

As long as the tail isn’t glued, the button is easy to remove.

Anodized aluminum with bare ends. This insulates it from electrical contact with the outer tube and the battery, but allows a signal from the tail PCB to the head PCB.

I plan to update the list immediately before starting the notification script… and the script uses the list directly. I’ll probably also update it again before that.

I’ve been tracking that data, but in the end it looks like it probably won’t matter. I don’t think Neal has the store set up to track or limit quantity per person.

Wait for a PM from “FW3A Team” which contains the order URL and coupon code.


that's what Neal told me...

Some info about the ordering process… Sorry for the short notice! I thought we would have more warning before ordering was ready to start.

The plan is:

At around the following time when Bluzie and I are both available…

  • 19:00 UTC
    • 12:00 west coast US
    • 15:00 east coast US
    • 16:00 Sao Paulo
    • 20:00 London
    • 21:00 TLF/Berlin
    • 03:00 Beijing
    • 05:00 Australia
    • 07:00 NZ

… people should start receiving private messages on BLF and TLF with the order URL and coupon codes. On BLF, the message should come from “FW3A Team”.

Messages will be spread out over time, so it will probably take 24 to 48 hours to get through the entire interest list. This is to make it easier for people early on the list to order before people later on the list.

After you receive the message, follow the link to Neal’s shop and order the items you want. Please do not post any coupon codes in public though, for at least a week afterward.

If you want to make your ordering process go faster, it may help to create an account on Neal’s site first.

I’m new here…. I am interested in this light. Can you put me down for 2 of these. I’d like one of each version.

I'll find a use for XPL-HI, and I'm not super hopeful about ever seeing the light cheaper than the group buy XPL-HI price.