FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I’m interested in one FW3A SST-20.

Put me back on the list as BlueSwordM. :slight_smile:

Please. :slight_smile:

I’d really like one. Hope I’m in time to sign up! (Reddit said I was)

Thank you for the recommendation.

Just ordered Carclo 10509 and 10507 also two TIR optics for my BLF A6

One for me please (FW3A SST-20)

I am also interested in one FW3A SST 20. Or in one LH351D, if it will be available sometime! Thank!!! I’ll register on the Nile website! :slight_smile:

The first batch of PMs is complete. Everyone on the first list should have a message now, except for Garth and Paradise, who have private messages disabled.

I’m updating the list for batch 2 now, and then the list will be closed.

- TK

Interested, SST-20

I just ordered one in 3D and am interested in 2 more in the second batch! Thanks so much!!

Please add me to the new list for 2 x FW3A (SST 20).

Thanks to everyone for the persistence & diligence this past couple of years.

Hi, I just purchased the one 3D I had signed up for. I would like to also reserve myself one SST20 if possible. Many thanks.

Shipping notice already for the 3D HI, cant say anything other than very impressed. I am really looking forward to this light and the trick UI. Can one have too many dog walking lights? I just love excuses for more :smiley: , i just need maybe a 100 more dogs :person_facepalming:

I’m in for 2 Warm White please!

Geez… wait until the last minute, why doncha? :slight_smile:

The interest list is now closed, with KawiBoy1428 as the very last request.

The final total for BLF’s list is 1670 people, 2479 lights.
(this includes people who signed up then cancelled, so the actual number is slightly lower)

The second batch of messages will start in just a moment, with a much shorter delay between so they should all arrive within an hour.

If you have already received a private message with the purchase details, you won’t get a message in the second batch even if you requested more items. Simply use the coupon from the first message to order the items you requested.

(for example, KawiBoy1428 was at the beginning of the list and the end, so a second message won’t be sent)

- TK

Okay great thanks :blush:

Thanks for your work managing the list, TK!

I got my shipping notification last night :smiley:

Ordered thank you!! Love this UI, Inwish all flash lights used it.

Obviously……. :+1:

Correct me if i’m wrong, but sst20 and xpl hi are the same footprint? A straight swap with no resistor changes is possible?

Yes, same footprint.

… and now all messages have been sent.

Except for three people who have private messages turned off: Garth, Paradise, and USA. I don’t have a way to notify you, so … hopefully you’ll see this?

- TK