FW3A Anduril firmware version?

For the FW3A, have there been different versions of the Anduril firmware released throughout production?
I get the impression there has been some tweaking by ToyKeeper as things have evolved …

If so, is there a way through the UI to ascertain which version is currently flashed on my FW3A?
It was ordered through Amazon from Lumintop Direct on 18-Jan-2020.

P.S. Is it me or does the gray FW3A anodizing have a blueish tint? Maybe it’s just the lighting …

If your Andruil is new enough to have the version check, then you can access it by doing 15 clicks from off. It will blink the version number in the format YYYY MM DD.

Thanks “anonymous_user”! Unfortunately it looks like the firmware version on my FW3A is not new enough, 15 clicks didn’t do anything. :frowning:

Was it a conscious decision to leave the firmware version check feature out for the FW3A (if so, why?), or was it something that was just added later after the FW3A was released.

It was added later.

It was added to Anduril after (Oct, 2019), FW3A was released in summer 2019 time frame I think. I don’t think lumintop is doing new firmware on current productions either. So they should all have the same firmware.

Well I have to say that I haven’t really had the FW3A for long but have exercised many of the features and so far haven’t had any problems - everything has worked perfectly so far.
Hats off to Toykeeper and the rest of the FW3A team and thanks for all their efforts! :+1:

For older Andúril versions that don't have the version check function yet, it's possible to determine the version with the help of the features it has. Here is a very helpful post made by d_t_a which lists features and the firmware dates when they were introduced.

Lumintop currently seems to be shipping lights with 2019-06-27 firmware, the FWxx lights that I bought in the last three months all came with that version (i.e. with reset function, but without version check function). I have had older lights, like my FW3C, that came with 2019-05-22 firmware, and of course the very first FW3A lights came with an even older firmware (without 2-level lockout).

I’ve tested FW3A with different Anduril versions — I can’t be too sure which exact Anduril firmware, but they are by trying out Anduril functions that were added.

Eg. my first FW3A doesn’t have the manual/automatic memory toggle (I believe this is the 2019-05-22 firmware).

Next FW3A has manual/automatic memory toggle (so it’s newer), but doesn’t have the “factory reset” function.

The latest FW3A I ordered now has the “factory reset” function (via 13 clicks-hold), but doesn’t have “firmware version check” function).

So it looks like Lumintop does install new firmware when it’s available (as Toykeeper mentioned when I asked her). (Installed Anduril version may not always be the very very latest available firmware, but at least they do update it regularly)…

Looking forward to the day when it is trivial to upgrade flashlight firmware to the latest version.

Where can I order a FW3A while being sure it will have the manual memory feature?

I think ordering directly from Lumintop will give more assurance that it has one of the later firmware versions. However, I can’t be 100% sure.

The manual memory mode feature may not be present in the first batches, but it seems to be present in most of the later (not first) batches…

No way to do so on lumintop.com, there is only a list of stores. Are you talking about their aliexpress store?

OK thanks, from the first two diagrams in this thread I had assumed the manual memory was only available in the very recent “Anduril Aux UI” for lights with auxillary LEDs.

Manual memory was added to FW3A a long time ago so you are pretty certain to get it no matter where you order. Unless you buy a used FW3A

Thanks varbos.

Same for the FW1A? According to this post and further ones, in November 2019 it still shipped without the manual memory.

Well that’s not true. Recently I have bought green FW3A form AliExpress with new warning notice and bunny, and it comes with very old firmware - no version check, no memory modes, etc…

Not having version check may not necessarily be “very old”, although it’s older than the ones with version check.

Out of the several FW series flashlights I have, only the FW1A Pro and FW4A had version check (both blink out 2019-09-28).
The other FW series I tested, do not have version check, but have the factory reset function (eg. newer FW3A, FW21 Pro) (13 click-hold to do factory reset).
(My earliest FW3A doesn’t have “manual memory” feature.)

I would have expected the FW21 Pro to use a later firmware version, with the version check function, but it used even older firmware than the FW1A Pro and FW4A, which I think were released earlier than the FW21 Pro). I believe the X9L also doesn’t have the Anduril version with version check either, despite being one of the newest models.