FW3A Battery issue?

Two of my 18650 batteries from Liionwholesale act strange in my FW3C. What could cause this?


Another problem where I can’t turn it off:

I noticed it shipped in stepping mode:

3 fast clicks when its on will switch modes from stepping to ramping and back on.

not sure why it acts up like that ?, is the other battery a high drain ? make sure the tailcap is fully screwed same with head, i got some weird blinking with my non copper fw3a but never had issues after i made sure head is fully screwed.

Did you check the driver retaining ring was tight?

First video is a ground path issue (retaining ring / body tightness / tail cap parts not aligned). Next video where it doesn’t shut off is another body alignment issue, it’s not screwed together enough so the switch signal tube isn’t making good contact.

These are the flat top: shttps://liionwholesale.com/products/samsung-inr18650-30q-battery-15a-3000mah-flat-top-wholesale-discount-genuine-and-tested?variant=2915614724

They work great in my AT40 (when it works) and my S41S.

The flat tops were charged to 100% a few days ago by a Nitecore D4.

These are the button tops: Samsung INR18650-35E 3500mah Rechargeable Battery – Nealsgadgets

I’m not sure how charged the button tops they are. I can check tonight. (Edit: I think I got the flashlight to tell me 3.5V by 3 blinks and then 5).

Thanks for the other info!

Do I need to take the head and tail cap apart to screw it together better? Is there a thread I need to read about how to do this fix?

Both these problems (momentary blinking and not turning off) seem to be due to the inner tube not making good contact, probably with the switch.

My suggestion is to

Tighten the tailcap as much as you can before screwing the head.

If that doesn’t fix the issues, carefully pull the tail apart (DON’T lose the nubbin) and remove the transparent o-ring that secures the clip in place.
That should give you the extra room needed for good contact.

Both batteries work now after cranking the tail down before screwing the head on.

@ fogus….

Here ya’ go, almost everything you need to know in one easy to find location…

FW3A Useful Information……

Read it, do what it says in the order it says do it…… all should be well if you do.

Edit: @ Nev… I just noticed you posted the same link!! . :beer: :face_with_monocle: :BEER

Will do!

Can’t wait to get my Titanium version!


Great minds working in zinc again :wink:

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I’ve had the problem a few more times but only while inserting the battery. After it is all closed up, it never seems to happen (although I haven’t dropped it or anything).

What do you mean “while inserting the battery”??

As you begin to tighten the head the light will blink when the battery makes contact with the springs. After the head us tight it should work properly.

If it ever does not work properly, loosen or remove the head. Tighten the tail firmly. Reinstall the head & tighten firmly. . :+1: