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This might be a topic for a more advanced guide, and it’s not strictly unique to the FW3A:

How about including some notes on calibrating the thermal sensor in Andúril? Might help some folks squeeze out a few extra seconds on turbo.

Also, I don’t see a link to the manual at all. Maybe include that near the top, at the very least.

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The FW3A uses standard 20mm triple stars compatible with the Carclo 20mm triple-TIR optic.

This means standard 20mm Noctigon triple stars fit perfectly.

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It’s one of those things new users should know, along with “open the front, not the back”. It works a lot better after it’s calibrated, and it only needs to be done once.

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Check… I made mention of the Thermal Calibration in the OP, directing users to the detailed explanation on page #11 of the FW3A User Manual. I can’t explain it any clearer than that.

I looked for the FW3A User Manual too, so as to add a link to it; but I can’t find it if there is one. If you or anyone knows of one, direct me to it and I’ll certainly add a link to it. :+1:

This link is posted on Neal’s site:


ZozzV6 made a video about Andúril’s configuration, here a link which starts with thermal config : https://youtu.be/h_mZ35IPLMA?t=742

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The thermal config is the first thing you should do with every FW3A since they aren’t calibrated at the factory and have a very low default limit set. The two lights I’ve tested so far both throttled down to the bare minimum 1x7135 level (about 135 lumens) because they thought room temperature was too high.

I already have 3 LH351D here to replace the original leds. Now i want to order a new optic.
I want thelight to be as floody as possible. Will the Carlclo 10509 also fit the LH351D?


I put some diffuser film on The 3D FW3A Because I was curious if I could change the tint a little and clean up the beam .I used something other than film with adhesive .Cut it pretty close to perfect and slipped it between the O-ring and the bezel .Just thinking that it would be a temporary thing. Odds are I'll just leave it as is since it cleaned up the beam and knocked out some tint shifting .Without the big machine who knows. Only problem I see is the 3D tint FW3A has low enough CRI that you can actually notice how bad it really is .For me it just feels like there's "something missing " Kind of like you're hungry and don't know what you want .The tint isn't the issue.

I'm looking forward to the second round of FW3A's before I start tearing into them to fix cri.

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