FW4a Replacement switch

If you look at CRX’s post, LINK, you see that it’s a triangle metal dome switch with no legs, though the holes are there for one with legs, but a circle with dimples should work too.

With a little searching around I came across these, LINK. The 9mm triangle with no legs (part # M9T-1800-D) should work because of the large exposed contact trace that can be seen in CRX’s post, this would give 1800g of force needed to activate. You might be able to place the 11.5mm with no legs (part # M11.5T-2000-D) 2000g activation switch over the 9mm 1800g activation switch to increase the total force needed to activate, but again we’re back at a two item solution to the problem.

The overall problem looks to be the ability to purchase these items. Best technology is the only place that I could find with a high activation force, most others maxed out at 400g, and the only ones I saw on Ali were 350g.