GB Clone Offically "SOLD OUT" 10/21/18 XPL HI 1300LM Focusing AKA Cometa 2016

Yep 17mm driver you need to make space for the driver to fit. This is what actually caused the shorting issues originally it was meant to be a 20mm driver like the jaxman.

Also you will need to make the hole bigger in the LED retaining disc so it can fit a XHP50 in it. It only just fits the XPLHI as is.

2018-10-02 00:34 Banggood Pickup Success
Finally someone pick up mine from Banggood after 10+ days. If I don’t have plan to modify it, I would have already canceled this order.

Actually the JAX Z1 and JAX X6 Hunter took up to 22.5mm drivers. Well the 4-Z1’s and 5-X6’s I had did.

I left some of the knobbly bits on 22mm drivers for a tighter fit.

Been gone a week, I never expected all this when posting this light deal, just thought they had finally set the price where it should be with all the known issues.

I fully agree with djozz, this is a great host and if you happen to get a working driver and a good K9 lens those are all bonuses, it would be a waste of someones time to try and complain to BG about any defects.

I’m fairly certain they’ve already figured out that BLFers found BG’s low price on the Cometa and that’s how all these lights suddenly started selling.

I can hardly wait to see the newest round of modded Cometa’s… the technology has changed a bit since 2016.

I would bet that when new batch comes in stock it will be some shady copy with more problems than it’s worth paying for.

Meh close enough i never bought a Z1 or X6 so i assumed its at least a 20mm driver space.

Ha Ha, your probably right, a clone of the clone, and knowing BG it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Like this:

Considering the context of the problems with the original offering - the brand name Assassin is rather disturbing :open_mouth:

That is amazing Jerommel, very close indeed to the design of the Cometa and I agree the name Assassin is a bit disturbing. ha ha wow…

Check the pictures, some of them have another name — Albinaly, I think.

Is that a 3xAAA carrier? Because it might be a decent light for people I wouldn’t trust with li-ion recharging.
But AAAs are so wimpy, I was hoping for a 3xAA size.
And: Mode Memory No

That looks like the Warsun X50 or X65. They come with a 3xAA carrier, 26650 sleeve and 18650 sleeve. Their lens is bigger than the Cometa 2016.

Bigger aspheric?

Check the internal construction of the Warsun Zoomie. Not a good design regarding heat transfere!
If you want bigger go for the UF-1504 (67mm lens).
Or go for the UF-1508 (75mm lens). But i really would recomend to build a new pill for this one (if you have a lathe or know someone that has access to one). At least modify the original (not so much you can do) to improve heat transfere.

Yeah, those UF aspherics are glass and not that good…
I bought a 75mm head some time ago. Unusable for small emitters.

My cometa landed today with the 26650 inside it.
It has the plastic washer around the spring, quick look inside and mcpcb is dry and metal disc above it has marks where anodising looks compromised and could short LED.
I’ll have to take same steps as first cometa but other than that it’s a great torch for the money £12 inc a 26650 cell.

anyone know if that 26650 cell is a quality cell? Waiting for the 1st arrival in the USA :slight_smile:

Finally got my two cometa, they were nightmare until i disable the moon mode and other modes. Now they are pure 1300lm turbo mode. The buttons are very sensitive, a light tap can change level accidentally, now not so much such problem.

Very high quality light indeed. After checking don’t see any risks so i used them as stock at the moment.

Problem1: one of the oring is over sized, can’t tighten battery tailcap fully, it is 3B version having this problem.
Problem2: not sure why sometimes one of them can’t be switched on. I have to tighten the ring in the tailcap, more reliable now but still can happen.

The reason of problem2 seems to be the button stick to tapped position, cause the light on switch still on and flashlight output off. Light tap would unstick it from tapped position and flashlight output on successfully.

I also disable Medium press now, no more blinking mode accidentally.

How do you disable “other” modes? Is Turbo the only mode now?