[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

I don’t have the equipment to measure but my Tiara with D220 4000k looks a bit below BBL at very low output and goes down to very nice rosy tint at high output much like the Cree 5A/5D tint. The D240 doesn’t look bad by any means. It is nowhere near as green as the 219C 4000k 90CRI, LH351D 4000k 90CRI, or SST-20-W 95CRI FB4 tint. Just not as nice as the E21A 4000k D220 or 219B 4000k 9080 tint that Clemence was selling.

This apply not only to Nichia. Almost all LEDs with top bin at their particular category tend to be greener than their lower bin counterparts. Maukka also confirm this. Higher flux bin = more chance to land on green zone.
Light flux measuring devices adjusted to human eyes sensitivity. Our eyes sensitivity peaks approximately in the green zone.
Fortunately, E21A gets more rosy as the current goes up. D240K 4000K has mild greeness at very low current (< 50mA). Makes it unsuitable for pink tit snob who often use it at sublumen level.
With this findings, I will only place any order a step below max flux bin for green free measures.
For example: max flux bin for 5000K - 6500K is D260, I ordered D240 for these CCTs.


Tu put it straight, according to the owners the light sucks below the main3 mode (~300lm). And they are certainly not tint-snobs, just OEM and Emisar users.

However my 3500K mix is magical and the 3000K rocks as well. Overall I think your Wizard/Tiara PRO (with mixed or D220 CCT’s) are the best multi-purpose headlamps ever made.


I also mention E21A 4500K D220. It is (probably) the most crispy neutral white tint I have ever seen. Under 500mA per LED it gets a very slight hint of brownish yellow (which is fully acceptable for me anyway). The sweet spot for tint is around 800-1400mA per LED, above that it gets into a bit of too rosy tint for me.

UPDATE 190312:
Store restocked with complete selection of R9050/9080 E21A as follows: 2000K, 2200K(new), 2700K(new), 3000K, 3500K(new), 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K(new), 6500K. Same 3 steps MacAdam as usual.


Hi Clemence, I think you would like to see a test of a SunLike led: SunLike 3500K 95+ CRI midpower led from Seoul Semiconductors tested

Thanks Djozz!. I’m on it now


Hello Clemence,

Will you consider making an alternate version of VR16SP4?

I mean, with same sized gaps between the LEDs, but with other LED orientation, so it could be physically pre-configured for 3V?

How are these E21A LEDs different to each other?

sm203-D160-R9050 and sm203-D160-L2-R9050
sm503-D220-L2-R9080 and sm503-D240-M1-R9080
sm653-D240-R9080 and sm653-D240-L2-R9080

Also, I cannot select sm223 and sm273 from E21A bare LEDs - is that on purpose?


Also, I cannot select sm223 and sm273 from E21A bare LEDs - is that on purpose?

How are these E21A LEDs different to each other?
sm203-D160-R9050 [old stock without voltage bin] and sm203-D160-L2-R9050
sm503-D220-L2-R9080 [old stock, lower voltage, less bright, pink tint] and sm503-D240-M1-R9080
sm653-D240-R9080 [old stock without voltage bin] and sm653-D240-L2-R9080


Thank you.

So, tint difference is expected/apparent only with the sm503 - ‘without voltage bin’ stocks technically give the same tint as their newer counterparts (just not specific about voltage bin, which may be same or different as well).

Anyway, do you plan to ask maukka to measure a few more of these newly available bins (and the sm453 as well)? :slight_smile:

Ready to pack to Finland…

- Clemence

Clemence, can you also send him some individual (non mixed CCT) emitters to Maukka? Would love to know how the emitters in this new batch perform on their own.

those LEDs can be individually addressed


I remember the times when I was hunting for the only available “perfect” led- the nichia 083a. Which I had to sell eventually for it was too green, in person.

Now with this broad selection of great leds I one would guess that the perfect one is just a matter of quick choice, right?

Nope, still pros and cons everywhere, and that grail led is again around the corner.

Glad I havent sold my favorite incands :slight_smile:

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Any chance of sending a 2*3500K (d220) + 2*4500K (d220) = 4000K mix to Maukka? For replcing the green 4000K D240.

Done already, check the picture in above post. Made it especially to your earlier request :wink:


Is the VR16SP4m (gaps optimized for E17A) board featured as the trendy cheerful teenager ? :partying_face:

No, I only used my first gapless VR16SP4.


I have seen JetU(solis|E21A) just ran out of stock. When do you plan to restock them?