[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

Yes, his test was great :+1: . He did a great job.
But, I will need to test several special PCBs later. Can you help me?

Ouch. I’ll need to get sw40.

Geez. I’ve never chased new bins around before these groups buys.


We’ll try to be better next time. No confusing reservations, long wait time, etc….
Hopefully we can get you less than 7 days delivery service after whenever you paid the order……worldwide (or at least in USA, Asia, and Europe).
I will try to test all the LED to Maukka first for less guessing and post purchase disappointments (it feels bad on my ends you know :frowning: ).
Still trying to get cheaper pricing by collaborating with some big manufacturers here….

And to make everything much simpler, only one order page/front page for all areas.


Yup, you made it easy for me this time — in for sw40 9080s… :slight_smile:

Here’s the data for the following emitters (links to a screenshot with lots of CRI data measured from the hotspot):
NVSL219B-V1 sw45k
NVSL219CT sm273
NVSL219CT sm303
NVSL219CT sm353
NVSL219CT sm403
NVSW219CT sm503
NVSW219CT sm573
NV4L144AME sm453
NV4L144AME sm503
NV4L144AME sm573

219B and 219C were measured at 700 mA, 144 at 1400 mA.

I have tabulated the results using both a diffuser (Convoy) and a reflector (Reylight Pineapple one for the 219B/C and Nitecore TM03 one for the 144)

All the tints from the hotspot with a reflector:

219B/C from the hotspot and midway through spill (very small tint shift):

144 from the hotspot and midway through spill (clearly a larger shift):

Superbly neutral tints from all the emitters. The 219B sw45k R9080 is clearly more magenta but in real life it’s not bad, makes for very vivid colors (high TM-30-15 Rg index). Highest ever CRI I’ve measured from the hotspot of an led: CRI (Ra) 97 and R9 97.

The 144 are also very consistently amazing. Just pure white goodness. Even though the color temp shift is higher than on the single die emitters, the tint stays at the black body radiator line. Diffused they are absolutely perfect. With a reflector I measured significantly cooler color temps (about +700 kelvin) from the hotspot, but that doesn’t matter if you know what you’re getting.

I haven’t put any of these to a flashlight yet so cannot comment on the real life applications, but so far I’m very impressed.

Thanks to clemence and chouster for sending these!

Great results, maukka! Thanks a lot for your measurements, very helpful!

Absolutely fantastic results.
Thanks maukka!
I really want to get some of those R9080…

GREAT thanks Maukka!! :laughing:

Looks very good. Especially the 144AM. I wasn’t wrong about them
Interested in testing the 319As and NVSL219B-V1 sw40? I’ll ask Chouster to send them to you later

EDIT: I’m not a fan of 219B tint, but I never thought the CRI result is super amazing. Now I know why this one is so special for you guys.

- Clemence

Great data maukka!

Did anyone yet put a high CRI 144A in a flashlight with smooth reflector yet? My single sample produces an ugly yellow spot in the center of the hotspot, but it has a slightly uneven phosfor layer, perhaps other’s leds are better?

OMD Jos, you use that egg yolk in your flashlight? :person_facepalming:
I’ll get you a normal one later. Which CCT? Let me know


Is there a common way to test the LED without reflowing it? I do not want to start my reflowing career with this emitter… Power supply is available.

No no, don’t worry, this is another led with a much better phosfor distribution. But even a slightly uneven distribution with the phosfor just a bit thicker (=more yellow) towards the center (my led) already produces the effect in a smooth reflector (have not tried OP yet).

Ahhh, I see…
Yes, smooth reflectors aren’t the 144Ax mates. I tried them in my predator’s reflector, many narrow TIRs, big reflectors, etc…always a slightly yellow center spot. Fixed easily with even very mild 5 degree diffuser. All medium, wide, and diffused optics worked great. I’m sure OP reflector will do OK since this the artifacts in 144Ax are much less problematic than XHP50

Very nice test, thank you Maukka!

Results of the 219B-V1 R9080 are stunning.

But all LEDs tested here perform well above specs. 219C sm573 even achieves R9080-specs, sm503 very, very close.

Couster, i’ve got my LEDs in too. :+1:
Thanks guys.


interested for 6x NVSL219B-V1 9080 sw40
(or 3x NVSL219B-V1 9080 sw40 + 3x NVSL219B-V1 9080 sw45)


thanks, Maukka ! nice tests.

Aha, i knew i would have to order more the next time…
I’ll have to take 5 or 6 of the sw40 too of course… :partying_face:

it’s never gonna end, is it? :person_facepalming:

Ok, I just put the 144A in an insulation gasket and tested it with 50 mA from my power supply (sorry for not taking pictures, but I needed all of my hands):

- With aConvoy C8 OP reflector there is a very visible yellow spot in the center of the hotspot.

- With this 52.7 x 57 mm SMO reflector the hotspot is much more intense and there is only a little bit of yellow seen on a white wall.

I guess that the deep reflector directs more light into the hotspot and thus mixes the colors better. When you optimize the focal distance it might become completely invisible, only I do not have the equipment to try that.

My 144A shall go into a McR-27S reflector that I am currently waiting for. When it arrives, I will appentd my findings.

Thanks for the report tuelleric, it is hopeful that the 144A works well in some reflectors.