[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

Could these leds get ordered on mcpcbs? If so, in for a few

Sign me up for 4x 219B V1 SW45K :+1:

Maybe more later.

I’ll take

10x 219B r9080 or whatever the limit is.
6x 219C sm353
5x 219C sm403

Jay, can I have some?

8 pieces of no. 1 219B V1 SW45K R9080
1 piece of no. 8. 319A SM655 70CRI (for testing :slight_smile: )
3 pieces of no. 9. 319A SM305 80CRI
4 pieces of no. 10. 319A SM453 (5?) 80CRI

A few remarks: I guess no. 4 is SM455? And I think that D220 is a very good bin for led no. 1 ! :slight_smile:

Indeed, Nichia hated me for insisting on that bin :smiley:
Yes, corrected to sm455. It’s sm505. Thanks Jos


Long time lurker, first time poster. I would also be interested for a first DIY project. Would that be OK or is there a specific prerequisite?

NVSL219B-V1 SW45K [4500K ANSI BBL] - 6 pcs
NVSL219CT SM273 [2700K 3 steps MacAdams] - 6 pcs


Kindly include me for:

10 pieces of - 219B V1 SW45K R9080 (The first line of the list)

*And also include my ‘Thank You’ for the time and effort involved in providing this service.

I would like….

7pcs. line 1 - 219B V1 SW45K R9080

7pcs. line 6 - 219CT SM503

7pcs. line 5 SM403 (EDIT)

please, and thanks for doing this! :wink: :+1:

5x 219B-V1 SW45 R9080
15x 219C SW50 R9050

How many 219Bs with R9080 did you get?

UPDATE 170124:

  • US, Canada, Mexico order via Texas_Ace [post #2]
  • Europe, Russia order via Chouster [post #3]
  • Indonesia, South East Asia, order via Clemence [post #1/OP]
  • Shipping cost decided by each distributors
  • Free shipping within Indonesia for order above USD 12
  • The rest of the world, please PM me/Texas_Ace/Chouster first
  • First batch will ends in 2017 February 17, 24:00 GMT +8.
  • First batch payment must be done in 2017 February 17, 24:00 GMT +8
  • First batch delivery in 2017 February 20
  • All items with same price tag can be mixed to get the discount.

Got you added.

The 319A is the latest and greatest from nichia, I have high hopes for it but it is not tested yet. I plan to fix then as soon as my order comes in.


Added as well


Got you are well

This GB will run till around the 17th of February. Shipping will be the following week to us distributors and then from us to ya’ll as soon as we get them.

On the list

You get the idea by now I think lol

Same for you.

Please check over the reserved numbers for all your orders to make sure they are right, easy to get something wrong.

I am not sure where you are located and which list you should be on?

In for:

4x NVSL219B-V1 SW45K [4500K ANSI BBL] 9080 L2 [2,9 - 3,1V] D220 USD 4 USD 3,7
4x NVSL219CT SM273 [2700K 3 steps MacAdams] 9050 L2 [2,9 - 3,1V] D220 USD 4 USD 3,7
4x NVSL219CT SM353 [3500K 3 steps MacAdams] 9050 L1 [2,7 - 2,9V] D220 USD 4 USD 3,7

4x NVSL319ATE SM453 [4500K 5 steps MacAdams] 8000 coming soon coming soon USD 4 USD 3,7

USA :slight_smile:


Done. Please double check if I got you in the right spots and in the right amounts.

TA - you got my order correct, but I would like to add two more 319A 4500K to my order please.


Are these listed slots hard limits on the quantity? I definitely want to get in on this, but I haven’t figured out my whole order yet.

Hi Chouster, if possible I would like to purchase 12 of item number four:

4 NVSL219CT SM353 [3500K 3 steps MacAdams] 9050

I am also interested in the 319

Thank you.


The numbers in our lists are simply to make inventory easier. The numbers will grow as the lists do. We will update the lists with a sold out notification when that happens.

The 219B will sell out for sure, in the next day or 2 if I had to guess. So if you want those, I would get on those lists quick.

The rest are limited but we should be ok for at least a few days on them at this rate. Clemence manages the overall inventory and generally posts updates on remaining quantity once one of them starts running low.

They are all first come, first served. Just too hard to do it any other way.