[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

So why does Nichia state the max current at 1.8A?

For the same reason the Cree says that an XP-L2 max is 3A but we run them at 8A+. They rate them first off for non-DTP mcpcb which makes a massive difference. Then they also need a safety factor built in.

Heck I tested the XP-L2 to 15A and it still worked! These latest gen LED’s without bond wires are super tough when mounted on a DTP star and have a good heat path.

What driver are you using in your S41?

I think it is.
Efficiency suffers considerably.
Up to some 2 Amperes they’re 100 Lumen per Watt though (iirc)

Using a TA driver in almost all of my lights.

It is perfectly fine, it produces more heat naturally but that is the only drawback.

Sheer output vs efficiency, it is a matter of perspective. Generally over here at BLF the perspective is: sheer output :smiling_imp:

Yes, they can handle it.
It’s a matter of opinion and preferences etcetera.
I just don’t like the idea of a modern LED doing less than 100 Lumen per Watt.

By moving to any higher CRI LEDs,we already sacrifice efficiency. There are always compromises

5 Amperes is excessive i.m.o.
3 Amperes is still okay for a 219C, maybe 3.5 Amperes.
But with a linear driver you run into problems when the battery can not provide the Vf at such currents.
The party is over pretty soon, even with modern low Vf LEDs.
DD FET drivers and how they’re usually implemented makes matters even worse.
Folks are limiting the current by means of thin wires and what not…
Sure, that’s what you would want when the battery is fully charged, but that’s only a short while…

The battery has to drop REALLY low in order to get down to your “ideal” 3A, so that is not an issue.

Plus with the TA drivers you get a regulated 2.5A output + the FET for max power. Best of both worlds.

True of course.
We all want it both ways… :slight_smile:
High CRI AND high efficiency.

True, but i was thinking of a triple @ 6 Amperes or more.

Yes please.
I don’t mind if it can produce high lumens for more than seconds too (it heats up to unhealthy temperatures darn fast when you drive it hard).

For streetlightings 100 lumen/watt is pretty standard in 2016. Manufacturer are moving to 120 lumen/watt total SYSTEM lumen this year.
To get the most efficient yet as high as possible CRI to the end user, most manufacturers (including Nichia) have been decreasing chip size. Some goes to small chips meant to reduce intensity and better spread of lighting spots, some forms big COB with much higher voltage at very low current.
For example the 757, E17A, and E21A is Nichia flagship at the moment for it’s (own) record breaking efficiency while maintaining one of the highest efficiency AND CRI in the class. AFAIK, Yuji LED still has the best colour quality but suffers with it’s poor efficiency (60-70 lumen/watt is typical).

I hope you are wrong, I am worried about the same thing. The manufacturer assured me it would handle the load… I have not yet committed to using that driver, but I have to find a driver that will handle it. My triple 219C’s at around 15 amps have issues in turbo, I think it is noise spikes or current spikes in the driver and it will drop out of turbo after about 20 seconds. Battery is still up to par at that point. Have tried 30q’s, and high output Panasonic’s and get the same thing to happen. I have tried the mountain FET+1 and the A6 drivers and 1 FET+1 that I built with the Vishay FET. I may have to try one of yours as well. These 219C’s are beastly.

happy to totally ignore this conversation/ thread until someone has leds for sale .

Shut -up and take my money

Hahaha :laughing:

Be specific about the LED

I want some of the 219B 9080’s and likely more 4000k 219c 9050’s unless the 9080’s hit the street.

I did a mod with the 219B v1 4500K R9080, (few pics in what did you mod today), and like Clemence I’m not overly enthousiastic about the tint (I like more yellow with the red), but the colour contrast is super!! I will try to grow into the tint as well :slight_smile: