[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

And make spacer 0.6mm, and applay 2 layers of thermal paste. So it not for 144 and not 1.6mm.

Place the spacer for optics on top of it rather than using two layers of thermal paste or solder.

That is a great idea, scratch the solder mask off the entire two traces of the board and solder two 0.6mm copper plates on top covering (most of) them (triangles will do the job). It will give you an almost (or entire) DTP performance. It will be a pain to solder the wires then, so make sure that you already apply solder blobs on the wire-pads during reflow!

Don’t forget to apply pressure while soldering those two copper plates. Thicker is better (if no optics involved). If you use aluminum reflector you can connect one of them to the reflector to get double sided cooling (isolate the other one)

djozz, clemence thank you for your ideas! I will try to find suitable spacer, of course. But now xhp50 with native H03 copper mcmcb is more cheap and convenient. Although a bit worse in CRI and r9

Oh, they get WAY more then 60C. I desoldered the wires from the mcpcb when doing a turbo test on my first triple in less then 90 seconds.

Now days I use thin wires to reduce the current and I use S2 instead of the S2+ since it has a thicker spacer.

With 10A and the S2 or S8 host with a copper spacer I can generally get around 60 seconds before it gets too hot and starts thermal regulation.

I tested a few other tube lights today for more comparisons to the earlier numbers:

Triple XP-G3 mixed tint 85CRI did 1150 lumens @ 2.5A with 100m of throw, Turbo was 2900 lumens with 170m of throw all with the 15011 optic in order to get rid of the tint shift issues. With a high drain cell and 14A on turbo lumens jumped to 3400 and a bit more throw.

I have a single XP-L HI with an S6 reflector that makes got 220M of throw at 2.5A and 260m of throw on turbo at ~6A. The best EDC thrower I have.

The best overall setup if you are not worried about CRI is the triple XP-L HI with ~175m of throw on turbo (driver didn’t have the regulated low mode) and ~3000 lumens @ 11A. Sadly the CRI sucks on it.

I am swapping EDC lights out daily right now to see which light works the best for me.

The ultimate setup would be an XHP50.2 or the 144A with a thermal pad and wired for 3V operation with no dome. I would totally rock that setup even if it costs $15 or $20 for the LED as long as it didn’t have tint shift issues and 90+ CRI.

You’ll have it soon then :wink:

Did I miss something or do you have something to share?

You miss something and I have something :slight_smile:

lol, mind making it easy for me, got a link to the said thing? I have been super busy recently and have not ready the last many pages of this thread nor any other thread posted on here recently.

You can PM me if you want, you have my attention that is for sure.

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LED Type CCT Available/STOCK*1
2 NVSL219CT SM273 [2700K 3 steps MacAdams] 119
3 NVSL219CT SM303 [3000K 3 steps MacAdams] 150
4 NVSL219CT SM353 [3500K 3 steps MacAdams] 103
5 NVSL219CT SM403 [4000K 3 steps MacAdams] SOLD OUT
6 NVSW219CT SM503 [5000K 3 steps MacAdams] SOLD OUT
7 NVWL219CT SM573 [5700K 3 steps MacAdams] 147
8 NVSW319ATE SM655 [6500K 5 steps MacAdams] 73
9 NVSL319ATE SM305 [3000K 5 steps MacAdams] 65
10 NVSL319ATE SM505 [5000K 5 steps MacAdams] 6
11 NV4L144AM SM453 [4500K 3 steps MacAdams] 64
12 NV4W144AM SM503 [5000K 3 steps MacAdams] 81
13 NV4W144AM SM573 [5700K 3 steps MacAdams] 85
14 VirEnce S3030 CDTP board 20

I have some extra 5000k 219C and 319A I could sell for the right price if anyone is interested. Ended up with a few more then I had planned on now that all of my lights are modded already. Only way to use them is to replace existing mods lol.

PM me if you want some of them.

There’s a chance I’ll need the 100 3500K 219C. Maybe more. This is all speculating until I start talking to a few people. I’m in Canada but the LEDS would be needed in the states. Again, currently speculating.

I got the 219B sw45k and sw40. But unfortunately in slightly lower bin and said to be from different reels, this time. My rep got me whatever he could find.

I’ll hold them for you, but please confirm ASAP.

I’ll do my best. Don’t want to waste your time if this falls through



I am Considering replacing the 219c 4000k in my rey ti with the 219b's.

Or building my second rey-ti with 219b's (Although that one was supposed to be a single since I already bought LD3 driver for it).

Looking forward to 4000K 219B 9080.

Btw, no need to hold the 3500K 219C for me. Not getting any traction.